Forest Holidays

Connecting with communities

Playing an active part in local communities

Over the last 45 years, we have sustainably created a small number of cabin locations in Great Britain. Whilst we occupy just 0.02% of the Public Forest Estate, the benefits each location brings to its local community are considerable. Our locations remain part of the Public Forest Estate and we look after them for everyone, whether you are staying over as our guest or you are a visitor or local resident. We have no boundary fences; we welcome our neighbours into our locations and we also encourage our guests to leave the location and explore.

Part of the community

Playing an active part in the life of the villages and towns surrounding our locations is vitally important to us. We enhance the forest for everyone who uses it and we are proud to contribute to local life in many ways. The natural, unpackaged holiday experience that we offer means that we are rooted in our local area and, for most of our guests, exploring the area is a valued part of their holiday. Because of this, our contribution towards the Public Forest Estate goes beyond the forest itself and involves supporting sustainable tourism and being closely involved with our neighbouring communities.

Sharing the benefits of rural tourism

With year-round occupancy and a strong commitment to encouraging guests to explore the local area, we contribute to Britain’s rural economies by providing jobs, tourist spend and sustainable business for local suppliers. By creating employment, sharing the economic benefits of tourism, and actively contributing to communities, we can help to maintain the quality of rural life in our localities for generations to come.

Our charities and projects

From helping charities in our local communities to supporting projects with national organisations, we aim to create a brighter future for the natural world and the generations who will enjoy it. The desire to work with our communities is encouraged at every level of our organisation, from individual members of our teams who follow their local charitable passions to our projects with key partners, such as Forestry England.