Forest Holidays

Nurturing our team

Supporting the local community

In the hands of our team of talented and committed individuals, our purpose becomes our culture. Working in the forest is a unique experience; we recruit locally and we nurture the skills and passions of each member of our team, so that we can make a positive difference to people, nature and local communities.

Local work with real job satisfaction

Our people are one of our greatest assets at Forest Holidays, and our guests value their down-to-earth friendliness and local knowledge. We employ local people in rural areas across the country and they enjoy working in nature, making a difference to people’s lives and to the natural world around them.

Beyond our range of job opportunities, including full-time and part-time roles, apprenticeships, university placements and career development paths, there’s a team culture and a genuine sense of purpose. We are part of a movement towards sustainable UK tourism which includes improving the perception and reality of tourism employment, looking after our forest locations, connecting people with nature, and year-round jobs in local communities.

The unique nature of our workplaces and the purpose that underpins our business, lead to high levels of job satisfaction, with 82% of our team saying they would recommend Forest Holidays as a great place to work. Our Forest Rangers, for example, love spending their days outdoors and sharing their enthusiasm, in a job like no other.

At our support centre in Moira, Derbyshire, our mainly local team look after everything from accounts to marketing. Their enthusiasm for getting on their wellies and supporting our wildlife and charity initiatives is just one of the ways in which they contribute to the bigger picture of our purpose.

Take a look at our careers website to find out more about the opportunities that we offer.

We have strong roots in the communities where we are based and see ourselves as part of that community and their economy. If we can buy local, we will, and we promote local producers and craftspeople in our shop and restaurant too. For us, our suppliers are part of our team.

Our team at Thorpe Forest, Forest Holidays

We encourage our people to grow and develop while surrounded by Britain’s most beautiful forests

Nurturing our people to fulfil their potential

Career development opportunities abound for those who want them. Whatever each person’s career path looks like, we value them for their individual skills, expertise and contribution.

We look after our people and we believe in supporting team members to reach their potential. We offer Management Development and Leadership Development programmes as well as professional and vocational courses. We have an employee assistance programme for advice and support and we also have Trained Mental Health Ambassadors at our support centre. With a lively and friendly workforce, team-led interest groups and social events also thrive.

Take a look at some of the career journeys that members of the Forest Holidays team have taken.

Our commitments to 2024

We believe in meaningful careers and developing individual skills and talents. We are also committed to looking after the wellbeing of our people and building team spirit around a genuine purpose.

We commit to:

  • Encourage workplace volunteering, supporting the government's #iwill campaign
  •  Offer in-house vocational and professional training opportunities for our team
  • Implement a programme of wellbeing activities for all
  • Train Mental Health Ambassadors at all our locations
  • Develop a Forest Holidays Graduate Programme, working with rural universities
  • Make a measurable positive impact to the personal development and wellbeing of our team