Forest Holidays

Our Values

The heart of everything we do

Our values describe how we do things here at Forest Holidays. We live them, share them and recruit people who hold these values so that they are at the heart of everything we do. They are how we behave with each other, with our guests, suppliers, partners and everyone we come into contact with.

Protect and enhance the forest today and tomorrow

We believe in the power of the forest for the wellbeing of people and nature. Our relationship with the Forestry Commission is deeply embedded and we provide an income enabling them to manage the nation’s woodlands, protecting this rich environment as a public asset for future generations.

Be one team

We believe passionately that teamwork brings the best results. We act as one team regardless of job role or location and work together inclusively and openly to deliver against our business goals. We care about team wellbeing and thrive in creating the best environment for all.

Own it

Our teams are trusted and empowered to make decisions as if the business was their own. We review options, consult as needed, then take calculated risks combining data with good judgement. We know that making decisions close to our guests improves both efficiency and guest experience.

Deliver extraordinary experiences

We care about the quality of guests’ experiences through all stages of their journey. We are focused on their needs and consistently exceed their expectations with authentic, genuine responses. This means our customers return time and again and recommend us with infectious passion.

Reach for the treetops

We strive to achieve stretched goals that make us best in class. Problems are there to be solved and barriers removed through tenacity and creativity. We face up to reality, challenge the status quo and encourage new suggestions, confident that every new winning idea will get us closer to the top.


Enjoy the here and now

We thrive on positive energy and believe that’s what delivers the best results. We learn from the past, focus on the here and now and look to the long term. We take great pride in delivering outstanding results – and each time we do, we take time to celebrate and live the moment.

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