Archery - £20 per person

archery activity
  • Available at:
    Delamere Forest
  • Suitable for:
    Older children, Couples, Groups
  • Cost:
    From £20

Archery today makes use of modern materials, but the methods and skills required to make an accurate shot are still the same. A good archer needs concentration to hold the bow steady under the strain of the draw and the skill to take account of gravity and wind. In this fun-filled one hour sessions, do you think you could master it? 

This is a third party activity and subject to availability. Participants must be 10 years or over. Sensible clothing and footwear required. Activity takes place a 15 minute drive from location.



It’s a paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers and dog owners and there are bikes for hire and Rangers offering group walks into the silent woods at dusk. 19th July 2015