Air rifle shooting - £20 per person

air rifle activity
  • Available at:
    Delamere Forest
  • Suitable for:
    Older Children, Groups, Couples
  • Cost:
    From £20

Experience the excitement of air rifle shooting in the fun-filled one hour session. An air rifle fires a small pellet at high speed powered by a charge of compressed air.  In the hands of an expert that tiny pellet can hit a target the size of a 5p from 80 yards away. You will have the opportunity to challenge each other in target practice. Who will have the steadiest hand, the gentlest trigger action, the most accurate shot?


All our air rifle experiences come with appropriate safety training and equipment. This is a third party activity and subject to availability. Participants must be 10 years or over. Sensible clothing and footwear required. Activity takes place a 15 minute drive from location.



It’s a paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers and dog owners and there are bikes for hire and Rangers offering group walks into the silent woods at dusk. 19th July 2015