Check point - a wild outdoor escape game

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    Families, Groups
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    From £25

Checkpoint is a brand-new activity to engage the whole family in a fun fuelled adventure.
Sign up to pit yourselves against Operation Checkpoint – an outdoor take on the hugely popular escape game craze.
Race against the clock around the Forest Holidays location to collect as many points as you can by completing different challenges at the various Checkpoints.
Once you’ve collected your starter pack, you’ll use your code to begin your adventure via the online app.  Your first challenge will be in your cabin itself, before heading out to explore the hands on, interactive games dotted throughout the forest. 
You and your teams’ skills will be challenged across three categories; hunt, solve and play and use the interactive app to bag points as you go. 
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*This is a third party activity and a smart phone is required

Operation Checkpoint is brought to you by Boundless Workshop – one of the UK’s leading escape game design companies.  Checkpoint is their latest game built and installed specifically for Forest Holidays.