Sygun Copper Mine

Copper Mine
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    Couples, Families, Groups
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    From £6.75

Visit one of Beddgelert’s top attractions on this self-guided audio-visual tour, allowing you to explore the old workings on foot. There are winding tunnels and large, colourful chambers, magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations and copper ore veins which contain traces of gold, silver and other precious metals.

 The audio presentation with special lightening and sound effects provide an enjoyable, interesting and realistic glimpse into the life of a Victorian copper miner. Sygun offers a rare opportunity for those with a sense of adventure and curiosity, to discover for themselves the wonders it still shelters after being abandoned in 1903.

 Please note: Children under three years are free, but please note that the activity is not suitable for pushchairs. Wheelchair users and people with mobility issues will find this activity unsuitable. Sensible footwear and clothing must be worn as the floor is wet and uneven in places with some loose stones and the tunnels are a cool temperature with dim lighting. There are a few tunnels where you need to duck to walk through, each visitor is issued with a safety helmet to protect your head from any contact with the roof.