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How do I use the hot tub during my stay?

Our location teams work hard to ensure that hot tubs remain clean and safe to use at all times. When they are cleaned and refilled, it can take some time for the hot-tub to warm up. For that reason they can sometimes be too cool for use within the first 4 hours after check-in on your arrival day. If it is necessary to clean the hot tub during your stay, it may also need time to reheat. We always aim to maximise the time in which you can use your hot-tub during your stay, but maintaining water quality for your safety is of paramount importance to us.


As a part of this checking process, bromine is added to the hot tubs to safeguard the level of hygiene. If you are unhappy with the quality of water in your hot tub, or uncertain as to how to operate it, please ask a member of the Forest Holidays team.


Our location team are available to help if you have questions regarding hot tub use. If our usage guidelines are not followed or found to be abused, a warning and a £50 hot tub maintenance fee may apply. Watch our hot tub safety video below for our guidelines and useful tips for enjoying your hot tub during your stay.


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