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What is a media hub and what can it do?

Some cabins have access to a Media Hub, a small panel located near to the TV that allows you to connect your own devices.

Typically a Media Hub will contain the connections below, however exact configurations may vary at different locations.

  • RCA audio/video - DVD players, older games consoles

  • VGA & 3.5mm audio jack - PCs, laptops, audio players

  • HDMI - Games consoles (Playstation, Xbox), some laptops 

  • USB power - For charging MP3 players, mobile phones, sat-navs

(Don't forget to bring cables for your devices as they are not supplied)

Please note, while HDMI devices will work on the Media Hub, if you need to connect your device to a WiFi network (for example Chromecast and other media streaming devices) this is not currently supported by the Media Hub.

The Media Hub is not available at Deerpark or Golden Oak Hideaway cabins at Sherwood Forest.


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