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Is there a swimming pool on location?

None of our locations have swimming pools, however all of our locations are close to leisure centres with pools. 

Below you will find a list of local leisure centres close to each of our locations. 

Ardgartan Argyll -

Drimsynie Estate Leisure Centre23 minutes
PA24 8AD Tel: 01301 703247
Riverside Leisure Centre54 minutes
PA23 8AA Tel: 01369 701170

Strathyre -

 McLaren Community Leisure Centre14 minutes
 FK17 8JP Tel: 01877 330000

Keldy -

 Ryedale Swim and Fitness Centre18 minutes
YO18 8DG Tel: 01751 473351

Whitby Leisure Centre44 minutes
 YO21 3HT Tel: 01947 604640

Cropton - 

 Ryedale Swim and Fitness Centre17 minutes
 YO18 8DG Tel: 01751 473351

 Whitby Leisure Centre41 minutes
 YO21 3HT Tel: 01947 604640

Delamere Forest -

 Sir John Deanes Leisure Centre20 minutes
 CW9 8AF Tel: 01606 810026

 Lifestyle Centre22 minutes
 CW7 1AD Tel: 01606 550700

Broomfields Leisure Centre27 minutes
 WA4 3AE Tel: 01925 268768

Knutsford Leisure Centre29 minutes
 WA16 0BL Tel: 01625 383951

Sherwood Forest -

 South Forest Leisure Complex5 minutes
NG21 9JA Tel: 01623 823866

Forest of Dean -

Freedom Leisure Cinderford18 minutes
GL14 2AF Tel:  01594 824008

Thorpe Forest -

 Breckland Leisure Centre & Waterworld10 minutes
IP24 1JD Tel: 01842 753110

Wymondham Leisure Centre30 minutes
NR18 0NT Tel: 01953 607171

Riverside Leisure Centre40 minutes
NR1 1WX Tel: 01603 671390

Blackwood Forest -

 River Park Leisure Centre18 minutes
SO23 7DD 01962 848700

Basingstoke Aquadrome18 minutes
RG22 6PG 01256 361130

Deerpark -

 Liskeard Leisure Centre19 minutes
 PL14 3HZ 01579 342544

 Bodmin Leisure Centre21 minutes
 PL31 1DE 01208 75715


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