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10 ways to beat the January blues

10 ways to beat the January blues

We love New Year; the next 12 months are full of promise and expectation. But as we head back to work after a fabulous Christmas break and winter takes hold in earnest, it can be difficult to keep that positive feeling. So, here are our top 10 ways to beat those January blues. 

1. Get plenty of exercise

We know, everyone adds this one to their resolutions. And there’s a good reason for that; exercise helps you to sleep better and increases your energy levels. Not only that, as you feel fitter and healthier, you’ll feel happier in yourself as well. Get your bikes out on a Forest Holidays break and try some of our forest trails. From gentle paths for families to challenging mountain biking routes, there’s something for everyone.

2. Set some goals

If you’re feeling fed up, then setting yourself some goals can be a great way to motivate yourself. But first you need to do some deep thinking about the areas in your life that you want to improve. The peaceful forest is a great place for long walks to mull things over, and then set a clear goal for change. 

3. Plan a holiday

Planning a summer getaway in the middle of winter is a wonderful way to lift your spirits. But if you can’t wait that long, book a short break for the spring, when the weather starts to pick up. Having something to look forward to will make you feel better immediately. If you're really organised plan your New Year's Eve break in January.

4. Declutter

Living in a cluttered space can make you feel out of control and frustrated, leading to added stress and anxiety. Your home should be a haven for peace to get away from the frantic pace of life outside. Start small and tackle one room at a time. Even the act of decluttering can be therapeutic and calming.

5. Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing simply means immersing yourself in a forest setting. It is a natural way to calm your senses in a busy world. It reconnects you to the forested planet that we as humans grew up in and, in doing so, imparts you with a profound sense of peace. Try Forest Bathing for yourself and see what you think. At Forest Holidays, we have embraced the concept and we lead Forest Bathing experiences at Blackwood Forest.

6. Learn a new skill

The temptation in the winter is to hunker down and hibernate until the days get longer and the sun feels warmer. But keeping busy is a much better approach to seeing out the winter. Learning a new skill will not only keep your mind active, you’re more likely to get out and meet new people as well. If you’re not sure what to try, there are plenty of things to learn in the forest, including archery, kayaking, horse riding, or survival skills.

7. Volunteer

One great way to lift your mood is to volunteer. Contact a local charity and see how you can help, perhaps by visiting elderly people who can’t get out in the wetter months, or walking dogs at the local rescue centre. You’ll meet plenty of people, get out and about, and doing something to help others will have the added benefit of making you feel better about yourself too. 

8. Do something creative

You might like the idea of learning something new, but not the thought of getting outside in the cold weather. There are plenty of hobbies you can take up indoors. Learn how to paint or cook, or try writing a journal – you never know where it might lead. If you are in need of inspiration, a weekend break in the calm of the forest, surrounded by nature, will soon boost your creativity. Why not try some pottery painting on your break either in the Forest Retreat or in the comfort of your cabin, suitable for all ages! 

9. Treat yourself like royalty for a day

The third Monday of January has become known as Blue Monday – supposedly the most depressing day of the year. This year, we’re thinking of renaming it Royal Blue Monday – a day for treating yourself like royalty. Stay with us in the forest and enjoy a lie-in, treat yourself to a spa day, and indulge yourself with your favourite food with our in-cabin dining.

10. Get out and see friends

If you are feeling the January blues, you probably don’t feel in the mood to socialise. But that’s all the more reason to go out and see friends. They probably have the January blues too – so get together, have fun, and you’ll soon start feeling more positive. 

Don’t hibernate away this winter. Get out into the fresh air, meet friends, try something new, and before you know it, spring will be in the air and you will be feeling happy, healthy, and full of energy.