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9 wines for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Tree up. Presents wrapped. Turkey ordered. There's only one thing left to organise - what are we drinking? Here is the perfect festive wine list from our friends at Naked Wines.

The Naked Wines team know a thing or two about wines. They are rewriting the wine buying rule book, with an ingenious business model that cuts out the middle men and connects wine enthusiasts and winemakers. More of which later; right now we need to concentrate on the task in hand: wine recommendations for your Christmas and New Year festivities, all available to order at Naked Wines.

Xmas morning Champagne

Start the day in style with a Jean Philippe Moulin Vintage Champagne 2006. This vintage 2006 is a 100% chardonnay, fresh and light but with a great complexity and depth. Because it is a pure chardonnay it can age without problem for another 5 to 10 years – whether you can wait is another question.

Serve chilled at 8 - 10°C. And don't shake the bottle!

For a lighter alternative, try Sacchetto Moscato IGT Veneto. If you've not tried a lightly sparkling Moscato before, then you cannot start with a better example than this. This magnificent wine is only 7% ABV because not all the sugar is converted to alcohol. Don't worry about the sweetness, it brings with it a zippy, racy zing that makes it a little bit like drinking liquid lemon sorbet.

Serve well chilled

Christmas dinner wines

Your turkey deserves a wine partner with oomph and we recommend Christian Patat Primitivo Puglia 2015, a dark and brooding red with bags of intense fruit flavour. The perfect complement to your festive feast.

Serve at room temperature

With your Christmas pudding, try Jen Pfeiffer The Diamond Rutherglen Muscat. This sweet, syrupy, raisiny, yummy goodness in a glass, also pairs well with strong cheeses.

Boxing Day wines

Boxing Day is all about cold cuts and buffets and these deserve Richard's The Cutler Chardonnay 2015, which has a lovely freshness to it and apple, pear and peach flavours. It has an elegance and finesse that comes from 50% of the wine sitting in oak, and the other half left un-oaked.

New Year's Eve party drinks

Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017! To ring in the bells, it's time for Mas Sardana Cava. Prepare yourself for the grapey, apple laden fist of fizziness that this delicious Cava punches out with every mouthful - officially the BEST cava in the Wines from Spain Awards 2014.

Serve chilled at midnight!

For a sophisticated aperitif, Rambla 41 Vermouth is perfect. Thanks to the botanical distillation you get orange peel and elderflower on the nose. It's slightly sweet to start, with a deliciously complex palate of herbs and a bitter ending.

Serve on the rocks with a spritz of soda water, a lime wedge and green olive.

If you are feeling adventurous, and it is after all New Year's Eve, bring the vermouth and Cava together to create the Naked Spritz, a delicious cocktail.

Wine for wine's sake

You need something in for those in-between moments when friends or family call round and before you know it you have an impromptu party on your hands. Keep these two beauties up your sleeve for just such an occasion:

For your red, Lacaze Cabernet Carmenere 2014 is a big, juicy fruity number with a hint of spice and plenty of depth.

Serve at room temperature

Our recommended white is Stefano di Blasi Delle Venezie 2015 which has a nice freshness and minerality thanks to the soil, whilst tasting round and fruity from perfect fruit ripeness.

Serve chilled

All the wines can be found over on the Naked Wines website, where you will also discover a whole wine community that you won't want to leave! This is because Naked Wines is more than just an online wine shop - it's a wine patron. By selling cases of wine to a network of passionate customers, or "Angels", they are able to fund independent winemakers who make delicious wines which can then be sold at wholesale prices.  

If you enjoy a great glass of red, white or rosé whatever the time of year, you'll love the Naked Wines subscription service. The winemakers are always on hand to offer advice as is the network of Angels.

Christmas in the forest

If you are staying in the forest with us over Christmas, you can cook the full Christmas dinner in your well-equipped kitchen and enjoy your wines in style. Why not plan ahead for 2018, when you can bring together good company, good food and great wines in a cosy cabin in the woods.