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A Foodies' Guide to Foraging and Cooking

Take 1 Forest Ranger, 1 chef, 9 foodie and lifestyle bloggers, 1 photographer and a forest, ripe with wild food. Blend well, add a dash of adventure and serve al fresco with a refreshing local cider. This is going to be a naturally delicious experience.

That’s the plan at least. On 22nd October 2015, all of the above will be converging on our Forest of Dean location for our first ever Forest Foraging Event. The chef is outdoor adventurer Nick Weston, from Hunter Gather Cook. The foodies are from blogs and publications around the country and the Forest Ranger is our very own Gerry, who knows the Forest of Dean like the back of his hand.

Our intrepid group will be venturing into the forest in search of delicacies for a cooking demonstration that Nick will perform, followed by some hands-on cooking, inspired by Nick’s creative energy. They will be discovering how to light a fire, which berries are edible and what’s the best accompaniment to venison…

The aim of the day is to learn more about the bounty of the forest and understand how easy it is to live, as our ancestors once did, in harmony with nature. We are expecting to discover lots of exciting tips and recipes, which we will share with you over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, meet the team:

Gerry the Forest Ranger

Gerry will lead the foraging and survival skills part of the day, along with Nick. Gerry’s wild childhood in rural Ireland moulded him into the outdoor nature enthusiast that he is today. The foraging may take some time as Gerry will find it impossible to pass by any wildlife without stopping to look, learn and teach. We’re up for it Gerry!

Nick the chef

Nick Weston is the hunter, gatherer and cook behind Hunter Gather Cook, a foraging and cookery school that specialises in adventures in wild food, outdoor living and self-sufficiency. If anyone knows how to live off the land, it’s Nick and we are absolutely delighted that he has agreed to venture forth from his treehouse HQ in Sussex to the Forest of Dean to demonstrate his skills.

The bloggers

The foodie writers are coming from far and wide, ready to forage, cook and of course, eat. From the editor of influential website to Jessica Carter, Deputy Editor at the award winning food and drink magazine, Crumbs; from Cornish (but residing in Kent) blogger Helsbels to family life blogger, Erica Price of ALittleLuxuryForMe. In all, there will be 9 influential food and lifestyle gurus, who are going to sample the forest’s offerings and then spread the word about the joys of foraging and cooking with wild ingredients.

Sean the photographer

On hand to capture all the golden moments – the triumphs as well as the disasters, will be professional videographer and photographer, Sean Tucker. Not only is Sean going to commit the whole day to whatever the modern equivalent of celluloid is, but he will also be leading a session on food photography and how to present your delicious creations in their best light. We will be bringing his tips to you exclusively on Forestipedia.

The recipes

We are expecting our day out in the forest to serve up some delicious wild recipes, not just from Nick’s own extensive repertoire but also from our band of bloggers. We will be publishing the recipes after the event next week as well as lots of our newly discovered hints and tips for foraging, wild cooking and photographing food.

Keep up with events as they happen on Twitter, using #ForestForaging and watch this space next week for some wild ideas about foraging, open air cooking and photography.