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A winter tour of cinematic Cornwall

Poldark is over and the winter ahead suddenly looks long and dark. Brighten it up with a cinematic tour of Cornwall, following in Aidan Turner's footsteps and the footsteps of many film and TV stars before him.

Feeling slightly adrift now that Poldark has finished? If you were one of the people who found yourself looking past the tempestuous relationships and taking in those equally tempestuous Cornish landscapes, our cinematic tour is for you.

Cornwall is wild, dramatic, and beautiful. It is little wonder that so many writers have set their stories here and that so many directors have used it as a backdrop for their dramas and films. As winter sets in there is no better time to take a pilgrimage to this south-western outpost of Britain; the holidaymakers are gone, the air is cold and clear and the landscapes have taken on a stark beauty. Stay in the idyllic wooded valley at Deerpark and enjoy Cornwall to yourself. Here are our 6 favourite film and TV locations to seek out:

1. Bodmin Moor

A perfect backdrop to the passion and drama onscreen, Bodmin Moor's unforgiving landscape featured in many Poldark scenes, particularly Ross on horseback galloping towards a new danger and also the exterior shots of Ross and Demelza's home, Nampara. Much of 2014’s dark and desperate Jamaica Inn was also filmed on Bodmin Moor.

2. Charlestown

 Image source: BBC

This almost unbelievably well preserved Georgian port with resident tall ships in the harbour is one of Cornwall's biggest screen stars. In Poldark, it was Truro harbour and it also featured in, among many others, The Eagle has Landed (1976), Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010) and an episode of Dr Who – The Curse of the Black Spot.

3. The Eden Project

(c) Hufton + Crow

Not exactly a picturesque scene of old Cornwall but perfect for our man, James Bond, the Eden Project plays a big part in Die another Day with Pierce Brosnan. And of course, once you have satisfied your cinematic curiosity, there are some amazing plant worlds to explore.

4. Port Isaac

This gorgeous little harbour town is used for Doc Martin's Portwenn. While the TV series seems to be set in an eternal summer, your winter visit means you can wander freely round the harbour village unencumbered by the summer tourists.

5. Veryan and Portloe

Are you old enough to remember The Camomile Lawn? It was a TV drama in the early 1990's, filmed in the lovely village of Veryan and on the coast nearby at Portloe. These two locations bring together the beauty and the drama of Cornwall as did the series itself.

6. St. Agnes Head

St. Agnes Head brings us full circle to Poldark. Known as Poldark Country, this dramatic headland and quaint parish was at the heart of Cornwall’s tin mining industry and is where the author of the Poldark books, Graham Winston, lived and drew his inspiration from.  

All our choices are within an hour's drive of Deerpark, where you can retire to your cabin after a day of cinematic exploring and watch the films in whose footsteps you have been following. And while Deerpark can't claim any film credits itself, let Martin the Forest Ranger take you on a tour of The Explosives Mines of Deerpark, to fill you in on some of the Cornish history that Poldark brings to the screen.