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Blue butterfly on flower

Caught on Camera! The secret life of the forest

Just what is going on down in the forest? Here’s some unique footage that uncovers the wildlife secrets of our forest locations.

Our Forest Rangers always have cameras at the ready and some even have webcams around the forest, for projects where they are collaborating with other wildlife organisations. Here’s a selection of the amazing images they have captured, starring our favourite forest animals and plants.

Forest animals

Watch this wide-eyed squirrel tucking into a nut at Cropton. Luckily he didn’t spot the camera.

This little woodmouse was caught on the webcam at Cropton, as it found its dinner.

Here’s one of the famous Forest of Dean wild boars.

A fox in the night at Deerpark. Captured on film during a Night Vision Forest Ranger adventure.

An inquisitive roe deer at Blackwood Forest.

This nocturnal visitor at Forest of Dean needs no introduction.

Birds and butterflies

Dinner time for this Jay, caught on camera at Cropton.

Another Jay surveys the woodland at Forest of Dean.

A buzzard soars in the clear blue sky at Blackwood Forest.

The silver-washed fritillary butterfly is having a very good year at Blackwood Forest.

A common blue butterfly at Blackwood Forest.

An eyed hawk moth seems to be looking at us in Deerpark…

Newts and Lizards

A great crested newt found by Gerry, our Forest of Dean Forest Ranger. This protected species has been in Britain for over 40 million years.

A slow worm at Blackwood Forest. They look like small snakes, but they are actually legless lizards.

Flora and fungi

Rare globeflowers at Strathyre.

Martin, our Forest Ranger at Deerpark, couldn’t resist snapping these fine foxgloves.

A fairy-tale ‘fairy cake’ fungi display at Blackwood Forest.

Get close to nature

This is just a snapshot of the wildlife that shares our forest space by day and by night throughout the seasons. Enjoy a relaxing short break at one of our 10 UK locations, where you can immerse yourself in the natural world and feel renewed.