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Colours of autumn

A picture of autumn

From the mountain mists of Strathyre in Scotland to the gold-wreathed valley at Deerpark in Cornwall, autumn is simply beautiful in our forest locations, as our gallery of autumnal images shows.

Mist on the loch at Strathyre

Scotland’s autumn is misty and magical as this shot from inside a cabin, taken by one of our guests at Strathyre, captures beautifully.

Autumn reflections at Deerpark

Considering an autumn break in Cornwall? Deerpark, deep in a wooded valley, has all the colours of autumn in its palette, and here they are reflected back from the millpond on a misty and mellow morning. 

A carpet of leaves at Blackwood Forest

There’s no mistaking autumn at Blackwood Forest. The towering beech trees turn to copper and gold and the carpet of leaves on the forest floor is almost ankle deep. It’s an irresistible playground for leaf fights, den building and wildlife watching.

Hot tub view from Sherwood Forest

As the autumnal chill creeps in, a spa break in the forest is just the thing. A warm hot tub is the perfect place to take in the views, as demonstrated by this inviting picture from one of our guests at Sherwood Forest.

An autumn walk at Keldy

Don’t let autumn pass you by without at least one wrapped-up, red-cheeked, healthy and happy walk through the countryside with friends or family. This picture, from a guest at Keldy in North Yorkshire, captures the moment perfectly.

A wood mouse prepares for autumn at Forest of Dean

Gerry, Forest Ranger at Forest of Dean captured this little fellow having a good feed to build up fat for the winter months. Wood mice don’t hibernate but in autumn they do build up their food stores, pad out their underground nests with added materials and cover the entrance with leaves and twigs.

Fairy tale fungi

Autumn is also the season for toadstools and mushrooms, which can spring up overnight. This fly agaric, snapped by Martin, the Forest Ranger at Deerpark is the quintessential fairy tale toadstool. The slender stemmed specimens were spotted at Thorpe Forest on an early morning walk. Can you identify them?

Glorious autumn

Loving the autumn colours? Here’s a few more pictures from our guests and our teams around the country. We have nine forest locations across the UK where you can enjoy the colours of autumn. Whether it’s a family holiday for the half term or a few days to escape and behold the changing of the seasons, book your autumn break now and enjoy the show!