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Forest landscape in summer

Five reasons the forest is the ultimate couples escape

Nature is essential for rekindling romance. From cosy nights in your secluded log cabin to leisurely walks in some of Britain’s most peaceful forests, here are five reasons we think our cabins are the perfect love nest retreat for your next UK staycation.

1. Unwind in the secluded simplicity

Tuck yourself away in one of our cabins for a couple of days and you'll notice time slowing down. Away from all of life's distractions, you'll recapture the very romance that brought you together. The glorious countryside views, endless trees and a tranquillity that needs to be seen to be believed. Surrounded by nothing but the natural calm of the great outdoors, your days are your own with no pressure from the hectic everyday routine.

Couple walking through the forest to their cabin at Forest Holidays

2. Escape from it all in stunning scenery

With our beautiful locations, there's always a view waiting to be uncovered. Whether you awake to misty mornings or bright blue skies, just being in the forest is magical. And it's often that simple change that breathes life back into your relationship.

Summer landscape of cabins in Deerpark at Forest Holidays

3. Be at one with nature

Reconnecting with the natural world can be both soothing and inspiring. Listening to birdsong or spotting cute animals are the very things that spark conversations away from the norm and bring passion into your relationship. Research suggests spending time in a forest being at one with nature helps reduce feelings of stress and encourages a sense of well being. So if you’re looking to try something new together a free session of on-trend Forest Bathing could be just what your heart desires.

Couple sat on rocks by a river at Forest Holidays

4. Make memories in enchanted woodland

A romantic staycation can be exactly what you want it to be. Like to explore? Get your walking boots on and venture out in acres of woodland, enjoying idyllic views as you go. Time together enjoying nature's pleasures is always a healer. Perhaps you're a couple that love to cosy up by the fire? Delve into a movie and pizza. Or disconnect completely from the digital world and experience a spot of friendly rivalry over an old-fashioned board game. In front of a roaring wood burner or course. There's nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get sparks flying.

Couple lying by a log burner in their cabin at Forest Holidays

5. Oh, and there's a hot tub too

Soaking up that night sky and simply gazing at the stars from your very own private hot tub is about as romantic as you can get. Sit in silence admiring our intriguing forest or enjoy endless chat with nothing to distract you.

Couple in a hot tub at Forest Holidays

Sounds like just what you need?

There's eleven equally idyllic locations to choose from. Each and every one with that perfect measure of nature, stunning scenery and laidback simplicity. Rekindle those good vibes and leave feeling rejuvenated. It may only be a couple of days, but you'll feel a whole world away when you return from the forest. Browse our special offers and book your secluded UK staycation today.


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