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 Board game bundle at Forest Holidays

Five reasons why board games bring us together

As the nights draw in and the leaves begin to fall it’s the perfect excuse to get yourself cosy, put some logs on the fire and bring out the board games. Darker evenings and chilly autumn nights are a great time to get the family together with a game or two.  

1. Television programmes divide the generations, board games bring them together

Who agrees on a television programme? It’s a rarity amoungst the family. The mighty board game world has something that will be fun for every generation. There will also be games that you can work together on as a team; a skill that we should encourage in our children when we can!

2. They bring us together without staring at screens

It’s that lull after supper with everyone sat on the sofa. There’s a likelihood that everyone has their head buried in their phone. With social media, there’s a fear of missing out and a need to check what others are doing socially. It has such an impact that we forget to live our own lives to their fullest. Board games help bring us back into the real world, and hopefully disconnect from the digital world for a while. 

3. You’re creating memories you won’t forget

You’ll laugh, you’ll shout, someone might even cry! What we’re fairly sure is that you’ll remember that board game where you were all snuggled round in your cosy cabin for years to come. That’s what holidays are all about; creating memories to talk about in the years to come.

4. There’s something for everyone!

Board games come in all shapes and sizes. Play is an essential part of human nature at any time of life. It strengthens the bonds between us, relaxes or excites us, sparks our imagination, and helps keep us sane. Some games are easy, some are a little more taxing, some get quite loud, some of a calmer affair. Whatever the mood is in the cabin, there’ll be a game that will work for you.

5. There's nothing like a bit of healthy competition

Something remarkable happens when friends and family gather face to face around the table to share the same experience. It’s good for us to win and lose every now and then. It teaches us to be gracious in victory – and hopefully not brag about it too much! Don't forget to bring along your board games and create your own games night in your cosy cabin. 

Family playing a board game at Forest Holidays