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Get Set for Summer

Get set for summer!

Ah, the delights of the British summer. The sun is out, temperatures are on the rise – then, before you know it, it’s over. Don’t miss out - Use our top tips to get ahead of the game and make your summer last as long as possible.

It’s ingrained into us from years at school – British summer takes place in the 6 weeks of school holidays. When the sun does come out early, we spend the first day rushing into the shops for everything we need. But do we really have to wait until July and August to enjoy summer, when the sun is already out? This year, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the most of your summer.

Get your garden ready

When the sun comes out all we want to do is get outside, relax and enjoy it. And yet we often find ourselves spending at least one day digging through the garden shed to find the barbecue and cleaning cobwebs off the garden chairs. Then there’s the garden itself – if you can see it.

Get ready now. Mow the lawn, wash the patio, clean the barbecue and get everything you need set up, so you can slide straight into a reclined position as soon as the next sunny day comes along.

Shop ahead of the crowds

If the sun is shining and the temperature is heating up, the last place you want to be is stuck in the supermarket queue. Think about all the things you need for warm weather and take a trip to the shops right now. Garden games, ice lollies for the freezer, suncream, hats, new shorts and swimsuits for growing children – and a new paperback for you as well.

Prepare your picnic kit

You’ve got a free day and are ready to picnic – but first you have to locate the picnic hamper, or empty a suitable backpack, locate the drinks flasks and check your blanket for holes. Do all that now, and keep a picnic basket, complete with glasses, bottle opener and some citronella candles, on standby. As soon as the sun comes out you are ready to explore and lunch.

Keep sunshine essentials in the car

If you can afford space in the boot of your car, keep a small box of essentials ready for unexpected sunshine or a change of plans. A blanket is always useful, and if you find yourself at a park, a ball, frisbee or rounders set can provide hours of entertainment for all ages.

Keep a spare bottle of suncream handy in the car and always travel with change for any unplanned car park visits or a surprise trip to the ice cream van!

Pre-plan your days out

There’re always plenty of places to visit across the UK, including waterparks for hot days, theme parks for cloudy days and stately homes for calm days. Make a list of locations you could go now, and you have a plan for the weekends and holidays, no matter what the weather. Make plans that take you into September too, so you are ready to make the most of an Indian Summer.

Festivals and fun days

Summer truly is festival season, with music, theatre and book events happening from as early as May all the way through to September. Local summer fairs and enthusiast events will be filling your calendar – so find out what’s on where before you miss them.

Have you seen our list of highlights that you can build a forest break around, taking you right through from June to the start of September?

Book an early break

Forget waiting until August to take your holiday. Start summer early with a weekend break in the forest – the flowers are out, the birds are singing and the countryside is a beautiful array of colours. 

A weekend walking along woodland paths and enjoying a picnic in a woodland clearing – just what summer calls for and perfect to get you into the summer mood.