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Grate cheddar recipes to get excited about this autumn

After a long day of fresh autumn air to bring a bloom to the cheeks, a simple snack of melted cheese on toast might be warming and delicious. But why stop there? We’ve teamed up with Wyke Farms – producers of the award-winning selection of Somerset Cheddars – to create some delicious autumn recipes, guaranteed to bring a tingle to your taste buds.

Climbing trees, building dens from fallen sticks, catching leaves as they swirl through the air - a wish every time - and kicking through piles of crinkly leaves on the woodland floor. The forest is a wonderful place to play at this time of year.

Just as exciting, as the days get colder, winter meals start to come back to the table, and lashings of melted cheese makes a tasty accompaniment to the dish.

Vintage cheddar and pumpkin soup

Soup is a traditional winter warmer, lovely for lunch. It’s also simple to carry in a thermos as part of your picnic. Take a break from exploring unknown lands and discovering mysterious forest animals for a mug of vintage cheddar and pumpkin soup.

Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar is aged over 15 long months before giving the soup a bold taste – just what a brave family of adventurers need. Of course, half the fun is in creating your provisions before the journey – and you can carve the pumpkins into lanterns to guide you home.

Cheddar cheese and potato pie

Riding bikes through the forest trails, or across more challenging off-road routes, is bound to give you an appetite. All that fresh air and exercise! After you return home to your luxury cabin base, you’ll be ready for a hearty meal of cheddar cheese and potato pie.

These versatile pies will be delicious made in advance, but even better made fresh in your cabin’s fully equipped kitchen and eaten straight from the oven. Pair with a glass of fruity red wine and enjoy in front of your log burner – another cosy feature that we love about autumn.

Pan haggerty with bacon and savoy cabbage

Whether you have an active day ahead, or are planning on discovering the mini beasts and bugs on a short, educational walk with our Forest Ranger, you’ll need a hearty breakfast. Wyke Farms’ Pan Haggerty with bacon and savoy cabbage makes a delicious side dish to your roast at any time. However, on its own it makes a filling breakfast, perfect to start your day with a boost.

Make this dish with Wyke Farms Extra Mature Cheddar, and you’ll appreciate the tangy full flavour that’s made this a best-seller and winner of the Global Cheese Awards 2017. Wyke Farms cheeses are made from the rich and creamy milk of their herd, grazing on the lush green Somerset grass. The cheese is aged in wooden maturing boxes and carefully monitored – the secret to their award-winning success.

Cheddar and apple rough puff pie

Holidays are all about new experiences and tastes – and adding Wyke Farms Mature Cheddar to an apple pie may be a new sensation. In fact, it’s something you might never have come across before, but adding a creamy mature cheese to apple pie has been around since the 17th Century.

So, we think your Forest Holiday is the perfect time to try something new – starting with the cheddar and apple rough puff pie. Of course, just because it comes with cheese doesn’t mean you should skimp on the more traditional accompaniments – lashings of thick cream or a generous jug of custard.

Sue’s coffee and walnut cake

Bringing the family on a Forest Holidays autumn break means getting away from screen and work, and relaxing in the glory of the forest in full colour. With plenty of activities for children and a warm, comfortable cabin to get back to at night, you’ve got everything you need to make a dream holiday.

Of course, all that dashing about can get a little bit tiring. So, while the kids are still out and about catching bugs, playing hide and seek and jumping in muddy puddles, watch them from the calm serenity of your own private decking, a mug of tea in hand, and enjoy a slice of Sue’s mouth-watering coffee and walnut cake.

So, we cheated a little – there’s no cheese in this recipe, but we recommend Wyke Farms unsalted butter, made with Grandmother Ivy’s secret recipe. Shh – we think this one might best be kept just for grownups.