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Just the tonic - 10 summer drinks to perk you up

As the days warm up and we spend more time outside, there’s nothing more refreshing than a long, cool drink. We’ve put together a list of our favourite summer drink recipes for those long sunny days.

A romantic weekend breakfast

1. The Mimosa

Of course, we don’t recommend alcohol for breakfast every day, but when you are enjoying a romantic weekend break, a few treats are in order. Add a little zing to the start of your day, with a Mimosa.

The Mimosa is traditionally made with 1part Champagne and 1part orange juice (as opposed to Buck’s Fizz, which is 2 parts Champagne to 1 part orange juice.) Add a touch of colour by using freshly squeezed blood oranges and an award-winning English sparkling wine from Camel Valley in Cornwall.

2. The Virgin Mimosa

As a non-alcoholic alternative, swap the fizzy wine for a ginger ale and you have a Virgin Mimosa. Refreshing, tingly and a lovely kickstart to the weekend ahead.

A picnic lunch

3. Fruity Sangria

Find yourself a peaceful, flower filled meadow, lay out your picnic blanket and listen to the sounds of the birds singing and the bees buzzing in the sunshine. The perfect picnic cocktail is one you can prepare in advance. We love a fruity sangria, made with a mixture of delicious summer berries.

Our top tip - freeze the fruit in water overnight before adding to your cocktail.  As the ice melts the flavour from the berries will infuse the sangria, while keeping it chilled.

4. Picnic mocktail

Another simple, and alcohol-free, picnic cocktail combines the sparkling summer flavours of elderflower with the fruity freshness of apples. Try combining elderflower cordial, cloudy apple juice and some freshly picked mint for a family-friendly alternative. 

An afternoon treat

5. A refreshing Scottish craft beer

On a Scottish holiday, earn your afternoon treat by take a hike in the Trossachs National Park. Try the Ben A’an trail for an all-round adventure – and once your feet are back on the loch side, enjoy a refreshing craft ale, locally brewed by the Loch Lomond Brewery. Bravehop, an India pale ale, combines sweet caramel and apricot flavours with a hint of the forest in pine aromas – an appropriate reward for the adventurer.

6. Long Island Iced Tea

What afternoon would be complete without the tea? Tart, refreshing, with crisp citrus tastes, try the non-alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea – a holiday twist that goes perfectly with a Cornish scone and lashings of clotted cream on a holiday in Cornwall.

Summer drinks with your dinner

7. Orchard Gold Cider

You can’t get much closer to nature than a summer break in Wales – the amazing views, deep mountain lakes, towering mountains of Snowdonia and the natural friendliness of the Welsh people. After a day of ziplines, gorge walking and exploring historic castles, you’ll love a crisp Orchard Gold cider, made from Welsh apples and traditionally hand-pressed.

8. Homemade Cordial

A fruit cordial is a light alternative to complement your dinner, and you can still keep it natural by creating your own homemade cordials from the freshest summer fruits – which means you can experiment with flavours until you find one that’s exactly right.

A cheeky nightcap

9. Gin flavours

Gin has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years, unsurprising considering the versatility of the flavours. There’s a gin for every occasion, so it’s the perfect way to round off your evening.

McQueen Gin is the perfect example of a locally crafted gin that’s ready to suit your mood. If you’re feeling a little spicy, try the Smokey Chilli with a dash of tonic and a twist of lime. If you’re cosied up on a romantic break, share a box of chocolates and the Chocolate Mint flavour. And if it’s family film night, the Mocha gin will go perfectly with a box of brownies – adults only, of course.

10. Pine needle tea

As a final alternative for a cosy, calming evening drink, enjoy a natural pine needle tea or even a mug of hot chocolate – perhaps even freshly prepared for you by the children, following their expert Forest Survival adventure with our Forest Ranger.