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Love in the summer

Ah, summer. It may be 50 years since the Summer of Love and the Beatles told us that “Love is all you need,” but we think they were right. Long hazy days, warm balmy evenings – summer is the perfect season for romance: new, rekindled or long-lasting.

We think that being in love in the summer is wonderful – in fact, it’s the best time of the year. Of course, we also believe the forest is the best place in the world to be, so combine them and you’ve got the perfect recipe for romance. Here’s our top seven reasons why sultry summer brings love alive.

1. Slow down together

Summer is about getting away from work and going on holiday to spend time with the person you love. Even a short break together in your own cosy forest cabin will give you time to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. The forest offers the perfect couples’ escape – cuddle up on the private decking outside your cabin, listen to the birdsong and share a bottle of Champagne. You’ll feel as though there is no one else in the world.


2. Create memories

Relationships are built on shared experiences. It’s so easy to get outside all day in the summer and get active. With the sun shining and the birds singing, the forest is full of life –a beautiful environment to be together and have some carefree fun. 
Hire some bicycles and enjoy a long ride through winding woodland paths to a secluded dell filled with wildflowers, where you can laze back on your picnic blanket and talk for hours. Cycling, walking or exploring, share new adventures and create some wonderful memories together.

3. Feel good, look good. 

Ignore all that nonsense you read about bikini bodies – love comes in all shapes and sizes. But somehow, summer does make us feel fitter and healthier, perhaps because we get outside more and eat lighter meals. When that healthy glow is matched by the inner glow of romantic love, you know your perfect summer is about

to happen.

4. Sunshine vitamins

Another contribution to feeling great is Vitamin D – which our bodies absorb from exposure to sunshine. Just make sure you don’t overdo that exposure – sun cream is important too. 

Vitamin D helps boost our mood – so generally we feel happier and more relaxed in the summer, just how we want to feel when we are spending time with the person we love.

5. Early morning starts

An early morning start may not sound very romantic, but the forest at dawn is a calm and peaceful place to start the day. Cook breakfast together – fresh pancakes dripping in syrup and summer berries, perhaps – and eat outside in the warmth of the morning sun with a fresh cup of coffee. You might see some of the more shy wildlife out and about, foraging for their own breakfast as well.


6. Warm, lazy evenings

There’s nothing more romantic than sitting outside on a balmy evening with a bottle of wine, watching the sunset together. Enjoy a luxurious evening dip in the hot tub on your cabin decking, sinking back into the bubbles and watching the stars come out, bright and clear in the cloud-free night sky.

7. Flowers to say I love you

Why make do with a bouquet of flowers when you can escape to the forest and be surrounded by meadows and glades with living, growing wildflowers? Walk through the long grass and meadows and nature will create a beautiful display, just for the two of you. Bright colours, delicate butterflies and the natural perfume of foxgloves and wild orchids, the feel of the sun warming your skin, and being with the person you love – what could possibly be more romantic than summer? 

Every couple deserves romance and a break together, away from hectic lives – and we want to make sure you get that time alone this summer!