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A Dog's Eye View of Yorkshire - part 2

Last week we brought you "A Dog's Eye View of Yorkshire, part 1", by Border Collie, Meg – here we re-join her for part two of Meg’s first Forest Holiday with owner, Emma, and Emma’s mum, June. As we pick up the trio’s adventures, they have just checked out of their Golden Oak cabin at Keldy and are on their way to nearby Cropton.


Meg's paw-some rating: small black paw print small black paw print small black paw print small black paw print

“The drive from Keldy to Cropton was pretty short and as soon as we got there it felt like we were a world away – the grass and sniffs were all completely different! 

Forest Holidays Cropton Forest Retreat external

After a walk around the paths, we grabbed lunch, checked in, and headed to our new holiday home-from-home. This cabin was really different – as soon as we walked in, there was a completely different feel. Everything was on one level and perfect for me to run around in. This cabin was, according to Emma, a 2-bed Silver Birch.

Silver Birch cabin at Forest Holidays Cropton

There was a large living area with a big corner sofa and armchair. The decking was split into two levels with a gate in the middle – perfect for us woofs who don’t want to go near the hot tub for fear of getting wet! There was underfloor heating which made my bed really cosy. Again, the cabin was really private and I even got to meet my first pheasant!

Forest Holidays Cropton cabin and pheasant


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On Tuesday we went out (again!), this time to a place called Whitby. It was a complete change of pace from Cropton or Keldy and I couldn’t believe how many shops, pubs, and restaurants welcomed me inside!

Border Collie, Meg, at Whitby dock

There was a wide range of places to eat but, being at the seaside, we made a beeline for, officially, the Best Fish and Chip Shop of 2014: Quayside. Everywhere you looked you could see boxes for this chip shop so we couldn’t resist – once June and Emma tried them, they realised exactly why! One word of advice; watch out for the seagulls. I made sure to stand guard but people without woofs didn’t have the same protection.

After lunch we explored the town a little more – there’s so many streets to look around, full of local shops selling everything you can think of. Emma made sure to pick up some famous Whitby Jet before we headed back to the car, to make the short drive up to the Abbey.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey; what a place and so gorgeous on a sunny day! Looked after by English Heritage, I was welcomed everywhere – including the gift shop! Walking around you could almost feel the history of the place. We spent about an hour and a half there but that could have easily extended if we hadn’t been so tired from walking around the town!


Meg's paw-some rating: small black paw print small black paw print

Border Collie, Meg, exploring York

Wednesday and the plan for the day was a trip to York. At just over 45 mins away it was a complete change of pace once again; there were so many sights, shops, and sniffs none of us knew where to begin! Emma had heard of a place called The Shambles so, with the road signs as our guide, we went in search. It didn’t disappoint. Like Whitby Abbey, you could feel the history of the place; from the cobbled streets to the crooked buildings, it was like being back in time and felt as though we’d found a hidden gem. After a bit of shopping, and a lot of me waiting outside, we headed to the famous York Minster.

York Minster

This majestic building was impressive on the outside and we couldn’t wait to see inside! However, unfortunately woofs aren’t allowed into York Minster so Emma and I relaxed on the benches while June had a look around. A while later, and after more waiting outside shops, we headed back to Cropton. Although York wasn’t quite as dog friendly as the other places we’d visited, it made for a completely different experience and is definitely worth a visit – make sure you set aside a few good hours though as there is plenty to do!


Meg's paw-some rating: small black paw print small black paw print small black paw print small black paw print

After all this week of walking, for Thursday we chose to not go too far and instead opted for a short drive into the nearby town of Pickering. A high street full of independent shops greeted us. It was a much slower pace than we’d had the previous days and a great way to wind down the holiday. 

Pickering Train Station and castle

I’d give 4 paws to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and Pickering Castle; both of which were really welcoming to me and fellow woofs. That evening we spent in the Forest Retreat pottery painting.

Border Collie, Meg, in Forest Holidays Cropton Forest Retreat

Overall it was a fantastic holiday and June and Emma were already planning when we could come back before we’d even got half way home! I’d recommend both locations and cabins as they offer something for everyone and a different experience in both. I could quite happily live in one of them and really didn’t want to get in the car to leave!

This holiday was definitely made for dogs and I can easily see why the pet-friendly cabins book up as quickly as they do! Check out my holiday gallery below, click here to learn more about the fantastic breaks Forest Holidays have to offer, and make sure you read part one of my Yorkshire adventures for more top tips and places to go!”

Top 5 dog-friendly places to go in and around Cropton

Whitby – A true seaside town that is one of the dog-friendliest places we’ve visited! If you’re looking for somewhere to grab lunch, there are plenty of options for the whole family and dogs are welcome in most of the pubs, cafes, and shops.

Whitby Abbey – You can feel the history come alive when you visit Whitby Abbey – the audio guides give you a lot of in depth information about the Abbey in its heyday, and the monks that inhabited it. Dogs are welcome in the grounds, buildings, and gift shop and the views of Whitby below are breath-taking. Just make sure to take your camera!

The Shambles, York – this old market street just oozes charm and character from years gone by. The houses, shops, and cobbled streets add to the ambience of this unique place.

Pickering Castle – looked after by English Heritage, dogs are welcome in the grounds and gift shop. If you’re lucky you might even see the resident Kestrel that nests there!

The North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway – at just 7 miles away from Cropton cabins, the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway is your gateway to the North York Moors. Pickering Train Station has been the setting for many TV programmes and films, and dogs are welcome on the train for a small charge of £3.00.