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Good news for the cutest animal you've never heard of – the pine marten

Last year, inspired by our resident pine martens at Strathyre in Scotland, we put our support behind an exciting project which could see these cute creatures thrive once again in England. Find out where the project is up to and what's planned for Pine Marten Day later this month.

How the pine marten won our hearts

When a family of pine martens set up home in the woodlands surrounding our cabins at Strathyre, we decided to find out more about these secretive animals. That led us to Andrew Stringer of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, who was looking for support to ‘translocate’ pine martens into the Forest of Dean in England. 

With our strong commitment to preserving and enhancing the woodland ecology – and our love affair with our Strathyre pine martens, we knew we wanted to be involved and immediately offered our support as the first key sponsor of the feasibility study. 

We wrote about the conservation effort here so that our guests and others who were enchanted by these elusive mammals could find out more about their status. 

The latest pine marten news

That was back in the summer of 2016 and here Andrew tells us about the project and how it has been progressing...

Pine Marten Day – 29 April 2017

A survey of our guests at Strathyre revealed that 60% had never heard of pine martens – and 35% thought that they were birds! As you can see from the video, they are the cute cousins of otters and stoats. 

Along with conservationists, we hope that raising awareness of this rare and protected species will support efforts to relocate the pine marten back to previously occupied areas of the UK and allow them to thrive once again.

On Pine Marten Day, 29 April 2017, we will be hosting a Q&A session with Dr Andrew Stringer in a live Facebook stream from Forest of Dean. Look out for our announcements on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to find out more and be part of the crusade to create a brighter future for these lovable but rare creatures. 

Fallen in love with the pine marten? Stay with us at Strathyre to be in with a chance of meeting our pine marten neighbours in what is currently one of their only natural habitats in the UK!