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Romance in the UK: poll results - Forest Holidays

It’s official; Brits are a bunch of hopeless romantics! 

We may not be the first nation that springs to mind when it comes to love and passion, but according to a recent Forest Holidays poll, romance is very much alive in the UK. 

When it comes to matters of the heart, over 4,500 responses revealed that more than half of us still believe in the magic of small gestures, love at first sight and the power of quality couple time. 

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Love at First Sight: Only 35% of People Don’t Believe 

Whether it’s a shift in memory, a surge in dopamine or a romance written in the stars, many say love at first sight is real, with about 65% of Brits believing in it compared to just 35% who don’t. 

While science hasn’t found a definitive answer to the phenomenon, the idea of an instant attraction has strong appeal in today’s modern dating world where matchmaking apps often speed up the courting process. 

Not everyone is a fan, however, and dating expert Emily Coral, who founded Mayfair Matchmaking, says apps are killing our traditional, old-fashioned ways: 

"No longer are you having somebody show up on your doorstep for a first date with flowers and chocolates, but instead are receiving a casual text message. It’s made finding love a numbers game rather than it being about quality. The other side, however, is you can get to know what someone wants/likes far earlier in a relationship, as communication happens so quickly."

Is Love at First Sight Real - Forest Holidays

Saying 'I Love You': More than Half of Brits Say it in Under a Month

Saying I love you for the first time can be one of the scariest and most liberating moments of any new relationship, but if our poll is anything to go by, British couples aren’t daunted!

Over half (52%) admit they’ve said 'I love you' within the first month of a relationship. For couples that have already passed the first 'I love you' milestone, three quarters (75%) admit saying it to their partner every chance they get, against a quarter who prefer to wait for the right mood.  

How Often Do People Say I Love You - Forest Holidays

Showing You Care: 92% Say it’s the Little Things 

Big gestures reign supreme for just 8% of Brits, with weekends away for couples topping most romantic wish lists. Some of your other dream dates include 'an evening in a hot tub', 'a lovely posh dinner' and 'gig tickets to my favourite band'.

On the flip side, a whopping 92% say it’s the little things that truly keep the love alive. Some of your favourite small gestures include, 'a cup of tea in bed on the weekend without asking', 'meeting me with an umbrella when it’s raining', 'a romantic meal', 'doing something unexpected' and 'still holding my hand after so many years'. Awwww!

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What are the Best Types of Romantic Gestures Forest Holidays

More Please: 49% Say their Partners Need to Step Up the Romance

Of those in a relationship, just over half (51%) think their partner is romantic, but another 49% say their partners have some work to do. Overall, 65% of people want more romance in their lives in general.

Dating expert Emily Coral says "When it comes to romance, I think this comes down to the individual themselves. I deal with clients who are naturally very romantic people and others who are slightly more reserved. I do, however, think people can become more romantic when they have true feelings for the person they are dating. I also find men tend to be slightly more romantic than women. Women tend to be more pragmatic when searching for their ideal soulmate."

How Romantic is the Average Person - Forest Holidays

How to be More Romantic

Keeping romance alive long-term can be difficult for most couples, and around 57% of people admit they’ve become less romantic over time. Here are a few ways to get out of the rut:

• Plan for quality couples time

A massive 94% of Brits agree that quality couples time helps keep the romance alive, with weekend breaks, getaways and surprise holidays being the ideal way to escape the rush and reconnect. This isn’t the only way to ensure you spend more quality time together, though. A quiet dinner at home, a walk on the beach or listening to music together can be ideal ways to improve quality time.  

• Go tech-free

In the UK, families are spending less time together because of the amount of time spent looking at devices. In relationships, this can cause strain too. To give your partner your full attention, start by introducing tech-free evenings or a ‘no phones in bed’ rule to ensure you spend time catching up and cuddling instead of scrolling. 

• Do regular date nights

Plan date nights once a week or once a month to change up your regular routine and experience new things together. There’s nothing like a new restaurant, a trip to a museum or a refreshing dog walk to get you off the sofa and into a new setting.

• Big each other up

It’s easy to take someone for granted when you see them so often, but don’t forget to compliment your partner! Make a point to tell them you’re proud of them, how nice they look or how much you appreciate them.

• Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous doesn’t need to be complex, expensive or stressful. While it can be loads of fun to plan an elaborate and romantic weekend away, simple moments of spontaneity are really about breaking out of routine and changing things up in ways your partner wouldn’t expect.

How to Keep the Romance Alive with Couples Weekends Away - Forest Holidays

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