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Spring is here - and so is Shaun the Sheep!

Spring is in the air. The daffodils are out, green buds are peeping through and, down in the forest, Shaun the Sheep is teaching our younger guests all about nature.

Winter is over for another year - we made it folks! Our countryside is once again waking up and bursting forth. Nowhere is this more evident than at our forest locations. It's time to say hello to spring in the forest!

Follow the trail of Shaun the Sheep

Our Shaun the Sheep spring trail is proving to be a hit with younger guests. Follow the map and solve 10 clues to unlock the hidden phrase. It's a great way to explore the springtime forest and learn about nature.

Our teams at Deerpark and Thorpe Forest have sent some pictures of what you may see as you follow Shaun the Sheep on your spring adventures.

Flowers and fungi at Deerpark

Martin, Forest Ranger at Deerpark, has been testing out his new camera with some super spring results.

"We have many native daffodils due to the Victorian history at Deerpark. Here they are growing with lesser celandine by the bridge."

"Our gunnera raises its alien-like 'spike' before proliferating giant rhubarb-like leaves to 15 foot!"

"Another sign of early spring is the scarlet cup fungus. One of the first bright and colourful sights after a long winter, this fungus is being investigated for its cancer-treating properties."

"Insects and animals are on the move too. This is an oak beauty moth, which we can see at 200 metres on screens with night vision. It is quite big!"

Blossom, bumblebees and birdlife at Thorpe Forest

Over at Thorpe Forest, the team have also been capturing images of spring that will lift any remaining winter gloom.

"We are really feeling spring in the air now. The frothy white blackthorn blossom is cheering guests up this week" from Lee, Forest Ranger.

Have you spotted any bumblebees yet? Jess, Forest Retreat Manager at Thorpe Forest, got this great shot recently.

"I caught this cheeky pheasant paying a visit to the Forest Retreat" says Jess. "Pheasants are around all year but as spring arrives we see them more."

We think Jess is giving Martin at Deerpark a run for his money in terms of camera skills with this fantastic fungi shot.

Another great picture from Jess, this tiger moth has very distinctive markings.

Enjoy a springtime stay in the forest

Our forests are full of the scent of blossom, the sounds of birdsong, the buzz of insects and the long-missed splashes of colour as spring flowers catch the sunshine. It's an exciting time to visit the forest so book now and make sure you join your Forest Ranger for a Forest Explorer or a Night Vision adventure to find out all about the reawakening natural world.

Have you seen any signs of spring yet? Share them with us in the comments below!