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The 6 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts - All in One Package

Why a Forest Holiday could be the best Christmas gift you will ever give. Better still, 6 of the best Christmas gifts you will ever give.

If the supermarket skirmishes of Black Friday showed us anything, it’s that Christmas has become a tad over-hyped. In a generation, we have rushed headlong from quaint, but frankly rubbish, presents such as talcum powder, crocheted tea cosies and sickly chocolate liqueurs to the “need” for expensive TVs, games consoles and coffee machines.

Neither end of the spectrum is particularly appealing and if you would like to step aside from the madness for a moment, we have an alternative Christmas present suggestion that will put some genuine sparkle into Christmas day. Here we tell you why the gift of a Forest Holiday wraps up 6 of the best Christmas presents anyone could wish for:

1. It’s a gift of time – Time out from the mad rush, time to recharge and slow the pace. Time to wake up and smell the coffee (without needing the latest latte maker).

2. It’s a gift of health – Not just the keep fit element of long outdoor walks or Go Ape through the trees, although they are part of it. No, this is about the well documented well-being benefits of reconnecting with the natural world and of the restorative effects of the forest in particular.

3. It’s a gift of love – We dare to suggest that love is not an Xbox One or a smart TV, drawing everyone into their own separate world. It is time spent together, family moments, going for walks, playing pooh sticks, creating memories. That’s what you recapture on a Forest Holiday.

4. It’s a gift of new experiences – Visit new places, explore the great outdoors, go on a Night Vision walk, spot wildlife, stand and gaze at the stars in the inky blackness of a forest night. Get close up to birds of prey, canoe down a river, climb a mountain. You could watch someone else do it on your smart TV, but why should they have all the fun?

5. It’s a gift of nature – Nature Deficit Disorder is a term coined by Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods. He argues that our children have become increasingly disengaged from nature and this is detrimental to their physical and emotional development. Even without this study, we know instinctively that being in touch with the natural world is good for us and we know that our “wired generation” of children are spending more time indoors. A Forest Holiday can help you to tip the balance back towards nature and its many benefits.

6. It’s a gift of peace – It’s the ultimate seasonal wish, Peace to All. We are connected to an endless stream of information, data and distractions through our phones, TVs and computers. A few days in the forest allow you to switch it all off and give your brain a rest. Simply relaxing, listening to the forest and savouring the peace is the perfect way to recalibrate your senses and realign your spirit. We do have flat screen TVs and the option of Wi-Fi but the forest seems to make it all so unimportant.

!!BONUS GIFT!! Well, it is Christmas after all...

7. It’s a gift of happinessBuy experiences, not things. Research continues to show that it’s experiences rather than possessions that bring people more happiness. The anticipation of an event is shown to be more pleasurable than the anticipation of owning something. More importantly, the “afterglow" relating to an event is greater, and it grows over time. Once you have your smartphone, your delight at its every feature might last the day before it’s just another phone. But an experience grows with the memory, it improves with the telling and it brings feelings of happiness long after it is over.

This Christmas, you could give 6 7 of the best presents ever to your loved ones. Put down the crochet needle, step back from the supermarket scramble and find out more about Forest Holidays gift vouchers. We look forward to seeing you all for your best ever Christmas break.