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Welcome to your Spa

It’s National Spa Week; time to indulge in one of humanity’s oldest rituals. And where better to embrace the soothing effects of a spa treatment than in the therapeutic surroundings of the forest?

National Spa Week (30 October – 5 November 2017) celebrates the many physical, mental and emotional benefits of spa treatments. Spa therapy dates back thousands of years, to the ancient Greeks who believed in the curative powers of the waters at their spa baths. And when you consider that massage, a cornerstone of the modern spa experience, has been an important part of eastern culture for an equally long time, it makes you realise that this is something worth celebrating.

The benefits of spa treatments

You may think a spa as simply an indulgence, an opportunity for some ‘me-time.’ Which, of course, it is. But this is one of those guilty pleasures that is actually good for us. Beyond the sheer luxury, there are some genuine health benefits.

Spa benefits are plentiful; physically, a massage can relieve aching muscles, break down bodily toxins and improve joint flexibility. Mentally, it can release tension and stress and improve sleep. Emotionally, massage can reduce anxiety, help with depression and make you happier.

Other spa treatments, such as reflexology and relaxing facials, may not have as many proven benefits, but they are nonetheless positive and pleasurable experiences, which bring us right back to the sheer luxury of unwinding and enjoying a well-deserved treat.

The spa benefits of the forest

Many of the same benefits that spa treatments offer, are also among the genuinely positive effects of spending time in the forest, from reducing stress and anxiety to feeling physically healthier.

The forest equivalent of the ancient spa baths is the Japanese concept of shinrin yoku, which translates as ‘Forest Bathing’. Rather than a dip in the water, you take a dip in the forest. The idea is that you soak up the sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes of the forest and feel restored. So effective is this therapy that in Japan, it is prescribed by doctors

You can try authentic Forest Bathing on a Forest Holiday at Thorpe Forest and Blackwood Forest. Our qualified practitioners guide you on this sensory exploration and the feedback we have had from guests has been amazing. One guest described it as "a humbling and enlightening experience."

If a more traditional type of spa therapy is on your agenda, book an In-Cabin Spa and enjoy treatments such as a relaxing massage or luxury facial, enjoyed in the privacy of your cabin. Any time you spend walking in the forest will add to your feelings of serenity and you will leave for home ready to face the world again.

Your forest spa break

Book your spa break in the forest now and combine the restorative powers of the forest with the luxury of relaxing spa treatments in your own cabin. This is the ultimate spa break, immersing you in the sights, sounds and sensations that will calm your mind, revitalise your body and elevate your positive emotions. Can there be a better way to celebrate National Spa Week?