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What Could You Do with an Extra Hour in Your Day?

We all enjoy our extra hour when the clocks go back, marking the end of British Summer Time. Are you already planning your lie in? Why not shake it up this year, and get a little more active with your additional 60 minutes.

Not only do the clocks go back on 28 October this year, it also falls nicely into the last weekend of the main half term holiday, giving you the perfect excuse to use up the last of your annual leave and take the family away for some fresh air on a Forest Holiday before winter sets in.

Of course, as we all know children just don't seem to understand the idea of a lie in. They'll be up, bright eyed and ready to enjoy the day, no matter what the clock says. So, you might be tempted to snuggle down into your cosy warm duvet, enjoying the sounds of birds singing and the incredible view of the early morning forest from your cabin bedroom. Instead, why not get the entire family up and active with one of our fabulous Forest Holidays treats.

If you are looking for adventure, then you'll love our Gorge Walking experience along the River Croe. On offer to our guests at Ardgartan Argyll, you’ll discover the hidden secrets of the deceptively serene river, with narrow passages and the beautiful 'Honeymoon Pool'. Although you’ll need a little more than your extra hour to complete the walk, this is an afternoon that you don’t want to miss.

A little less strenuous perhaps, but no less exhilarating, why not enjoy the thrill of whizzing through the treetops on the Keldy Zipwire. With 55 minutes of fun, you'll have plenty of time to whip through the air, before returning to the Forest Retreat for a warming mug of hot chocolate.

As you would expect from the heart of Robin Hood country, our Sherwood Forest location has a number of activities for you to demonstrate your marksmanship. Choose from clay shooting, crossbows and archery, or try something a little more explosive with our Air Rifles and Exploding Targets activity. 

Get a little closer to nature as you explore the woodland with your Forest Ranger. With something on offer at every one of our locations, you won't be disappointed. Discover the secret trails and explore the history of the area on our Forest Ranger adventures. Develop your survival skills and learn how to make fires, build a shelter and forage for your own food on our Forest Survival lessons. Whether it's Pond Dipping at Deerpark or exploring the forest by Night Vision at Thorpe Forest, our Forest Rangers are ready to share their love for nature at what is one of the most exciting times of the forest year.

If you feel like something a little more relaxing, well, there's a lot you can do in an hour. Step out from your cabin in Deerpark for a traditional Cornish cream tea in the popular nearby fishing town of Looe. Take a ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway, just a short distance from Cropton and Keldy. Discover the home of Jane Austen and inspire your inner writer, not far from our Blackwood Forest location.

Want to take things down to an even slower pace? We can't of think of a better way to spend your spare hour than relaxing in your own cabin, enjoying a luxury spa treatment. Whether it’s a relaxing back massage or a revitalising facial this could be the hour that sets you right for the busy days to come as Christmas approaches. A range of luxury spa treatments are available to book at all our forest locations.

We all know that a break away helps to recharge our batteries and improve productivity. With so many options and an extra 60 minutes in your day, who wants to spend it in bed?


  1. Ella

    October 26, 2016 AT 2:09 PM

    Best time of year when the clocks go back but I could do with an extra few hours! Love Forest Holidays - been three times now and can't wait for my fourth!