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What does the cabin include?

All cabins come with a fully equipped kitchen and with all bedding included. Some specifications vary, please refer to individual cabin specifications for details. The cost of the cabin also includes all electricity and gas used during your stay.

Our Cabin Inventory list is as follows:


Dinner plates
Side plates
Cereal/soup bowl
Egg cup
Latte mug
Dessert spoon
Table spoon
Tea spoon
Table fork
Table knife
Hiball glasses
Wine glasses
Champagne flutes
Plastic wine glasses for hot tubs
Plastic tumblers for hot tubs


Saucepan set, 3 pans
Frying pan
Glass lasagne dish
Glass oval serving dish
Glass casserole dish
Baking tray
Glass measuring jug
Milk jug
Small tray for drinks
Kitchen scissors
Wooden spoon
Stainless steel drainer
Hand whisk
Bread knife
Utility knife
Vegetable knife
Pitcher jug
Cheese grater
Chopping board x 2
Can opener
Place mats
Pizza cutter
Potato peeler
Stainless steel utensils: masher, slotted spoon, solid spoon and plastic turner
BBQ tool set
Oven cloth
Dishcloth and dishwasher tablet


Bed linen, duvets and 2 pillows per person
Wooden hangers in the bedrooms
Bath mats
Clothes airer
Glass ashtray outside on the decking
Dust pan and brush
Mop and bucket

In Golden Oak cabins, you’ll also find robes and slippers in the master bedrooms plus from 17/07/17, a gas barbecue on the decking!

A printable version can be obtained here Cabin Inventory list

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