Discover the secrets of the forest

John, the Forest Ranger at Sherwood Forest, previously worked in films and television as a stuntman and was also a local radio presenter. Having worked for the Forestry Commission as a Ranger, John joined the Sherwood Forest team in 2014 where you can find him looking after the conservation on the location and promoting the wildlife. As he says, the forest is always changing each season and he is learning something new each day.

Image of Forest Explorer - adults £10 and children £8
Forest Explorer - adults £10 and children £8
Make the most of your escape to the forest joining our Forest Ranger on Forest Explorer. Discover a wealth of ideas for enjoying our forest! We’ll show you all the best trails, point out the local flora and fauna, give you a fun taster of the history of the area, and of course, highlight the best routes to the local pub! Our Forest Ranger really is the ambassador of the forest and we don’t want you to miss anything. More>>
Image of Forest Night Vision - £12 per person
Forest Night Vision - £12 per person
Discovering the forest by night, venture out with the Forest Ranger stalking through the woodland to try and catch a sound or glimpse of wildlife with your night vision equipment – patience and stealth are key. After spying some nocturnal wildlife in its natural habitat, pick our expert Forest Ranger’s brains on the wild forest before heading back to your cosy cabin. More>>
Image of Forest Survival - adults £12, children £10
Forest Survival - adults £12, children £10
Have you always wondered exactly what it would take to survive in the great outdoors? Learn about, and have a go at, the essential forest survival skills such as lighting a fire without matches, building your own forest shelter and foraging for food. More>>
Image of Forest Survival - 4 hour course - from £25
Forest Survival - 4 hour course - from £25
Have you always wondered exactly what it would take to survive in the great outdoors? Keep the rule of threes in mind; 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks. Test and challenge your Forest Survival skills during a packed 4 hours with our expert Forest Ranger making sure you have the know-how to keep to the rule of threes! Learn how to find the best shelter location and build it, before divining the safest places to find water and lighting a fire with modern and traditional methods. Can you boil water to make some pine needle tea (or hot chocolate!) and toast your marshmallow? Depending on season and natural resources our Forest Rangers may also show you how to make nettle rope, or forage for wild food. More>>
Image of Mini Forest Rangers - children £10
Mini Forest Rangers - children £10
Kids, become a Mini Forest Ranger! Bring some grown-ups and join our Forest Ranger on a short woodland walk. You’ll learn loads, in fact – everything you need to be a Mini Forest Ranger! Catch bugs in our Mini Beasts pots for a closer look, learn all about plants and trees, play games and make forest crafts. At the end take home a Mini Forest Ranger certificate. More>>
Image of Personal Forest Ranger session - £60 for 6 people
Personal Forest Ranger session - £60 for 6 people
Make use of our dedicated and expert Forest Ranger for your own private session adapted to whatever you want. Explore hidden secrets of our forest that only you and your group will know and leave your own footprint in the forest. Perfect for groups! A team member on-site will ask a few questions so the Forest Ranger can design an event perfect for you and your group! Price is for 6 persons for 90 minutes, extra people can be added for £5 each. Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Image of Geocaching Trail - £20 per 4 people
Geocaching Trail - £20 per 4 people
Explore more of the Forest on our Geocaching trail, put together by the Forest Ranger. The activity includes hire of our GPS equipment for 2 hours whilst you and up to 3 others locate the hidden treasure boxes as well as a hot drink in the Forest Retreat. Complete the trail quiz in order to find the last hidden cache! More>>