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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme launch

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme 11 October 2019

Forest Holidays are proud to be the first UK holiday provider to introduce the Sunflower Lanyard to guests who may have a hidden disability. Sunflower Lanyards will be available free of charge to guests from 21 October 2019 at all of our locations.

Not all people with hidden disabilities require assistance. But if you do, wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard indicates to our trained teams that you need additional support or just a little more time. We recognise that guests with invisible conditions such as autism or hearing loss often need a little help during their stay.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard has been purposefully designed to act as a discreet sign that the wearer has a hidden disability and requires additional assistance. It has become the established symbol for hidden disabilities in the UK and has been successfully introduced to several major UK airports, supermarkets, railway stations and sports venues.

Sunflower Lanyards and pin badges are available free at all 10 of our locations, simply ask one of our team members in our Forest Retreats. If you’re wearing a lanyard, our teams will offer to help you but won’t know what your individual disability and needs are. Just let us know what we can do. We could find you a quiet place to check-in, give you more time, accompany you to your cabin and speak face-to-face to allow lip reading. If you take part in an activity with us, our Forest Rangers will know that you might need a little help on your forest adventure.

Discover more about The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme.

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