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Holidays and short breaks in the UK's most beautiful forests

Clean & safe for your peace of mind

To make sure your forest escape feels like a real retreat from the world, our dedicated team is working hard to ensure every inch of our locations is even safer and cleaner.

Our unique Clean Assure+ process guarantees your cabin will receive a secondary deep clean in addition to our usual deep clean. You can social distance naturally in our remote forest surroundings too. 

Enjoy an even cleaner, safer stay

600 local jobs

Order what you need through the TV in your cabin. We can then leave supplies at your cabin door, contact-free. You can checkout contactlessly too.

£20 million

Your cabin is deep cleaned, then cleaned again with BioGuard - a medical grade system trusted by healthcare professionals that protects against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Sustainable employment

Our team members are experts at staying in the background to ensure your total privacy. Everything they do is to the highest standards and now they’ll apply social distancing too.

Promote the local area

We follow guidance from the British and Irish Spa Hot Tub Association (BISHTA). Your hot tub gets a daily dosing of sanitiser to keep the water healthy and clean.

£100 million invested

To help you stay safe we’ve added floor markings to the Forest Retreat. Look out for them when you check-in and apply social distancing with confidence.

£100 million invested

Keep government guidance in mind as you explore. But remember, it’s easy to social distance naturally in our remote forest surroundings.

For more detail about the changes we've made, take a look at our frequently asked questions

Discover the cabin for you

Discover the cabin for you

Family at table in Forest Holidays self catering cabin Family at table in Forest Holidays self catering cabin

Our cosy self-catering cabins offer an ideal retreat, whether you're looking to rekindle the romance in your relationship, regroup with friends or enjoy some much needed family time with your loved ones. With cabins sleeping up to 10 guests, we're sure you will find something to suit your needs, and with pet-friendly cabins at all of our locations - even the dog can come on holiday too! 

Discover our cabins

11 UK locations

11 UK locations

Forest Holidays self catering cabin Forest Holidays self catering cabin

Discover our luxury hot tub cabins set in exclusive UK forests. Offering 11 locations across Scotland, England, and Wales - there’s a Forest Holidays location near you just waiting to be explored. Here, in this natural setting, you can truly relax.

Discover our locations

Book with total confidence

When you book with us, your money is safe. If we close due to COVID-19 you’ll be able to make an amendment or get a refund. Book with total confidence and take out our Flexible Amendment Protection, giving you the option to move your break if the time isn’t right - up to eight days before you travel. 

Ts&Cs apply.

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We’ve answered some of the questions you may have at this time. 
For full information about your break, refer to our terms and conditions.

How does Forest Holidays keep teams and guests safe?

Our teams have been working hard behind the scenes to get our locations ready for you. 

Here’s what we’ve done to guarantee an even safer, cleaner stay: 

  • given each cabin in every location an extra deep clean before we reopen 
  • developed our unique CleanAssure+ seal to give you peace of mind 
  • adapted the check-in and check-out process to minimise contact 
  • added social distancing floor markings to the Forest Retreat

Before you check-in, we’ll send you an email with all the details and (if you’ve booked with us directly) an online registration form to help speed up the check-in process. When you arrive at our locations, look out for the colourful signs which feature all the information you need to enjoy your break, fuss-free.

How does Forest Holidays ensure social distancing is observed on locations?

Social distancing happens naturally in the forest. 

The nature of our remote, rural locations means it’s easy to find plenty of wide, open space (and avoid crowds and queues). And because you have your cabin all to yourself, you can enjoy complete seclusion for your entire stay. 

Our team members are already experts at staying in the background to ensure your total privacy, but now they’ll be following social distancing guidelines at all times too. In fact, the only time you’ll see our team members is if you need them. Contact them through the messaging facility on the TV in your cabin and they’ll be there in a flash.

How can I observe social distancing while staying at Forest Holiday locations?

In the Forest Retreat and Hubs, we’ve applied formal social distancing measures. 

When you check in look out for the floor markings and keep your distance from others. 

Ready to adventure through the forest? Simply use your own discretion and follow the government’s current social distancing guidance. 

We also recommend putting your dog on a lead, keeping close to the people you’re staying with and washing your hands thoroughly when you get back to your cabin.

Do I need to wear a mask and gloves at a Forest Holidays location?

We recommend checking up-to-date government guidance to help you make your own decision with confidence.

How has Forest Holidays’ cleaning process been adapted to reflect the current situation?

Our team members are trained to carry out the highest standards of cleanliness and we always deep clean your cabin before your stay. While we’ve been closed, every single cabin at every single location has undergone an additional deep clean. 

We’ve also developed a new two-step process: after our usual deep clean, your cabin will be cleaned again. The second phase of cleaning focuses on cabin hotspots.

Cabin hotspots are the most used and most commonly touched areas of your cabin such as door handles, light switches and kitchen counters. 

When we clean cabin hot spots we use BioGuard - a scientifically proven, medical grade hand and surface wipe system trusted by healthcare professionals. BioGuard is proven to protect against 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. It’s also PH neutral, dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly.

How can I be sure my Forest Holidays cabin has been deep cleaned before my arrival?

We’ve developed our CleanAssure+ seal so you can arrive at your cabin knowing no one else has been inside after the second phase of cleaning. Our team members deep clean your cabin, conduct an additional clean of cabin hotspots using BioGuard and lock up the cabin. They then apply our unique CleanAssure+ seal to the cabin door. The CleanAssure+ seal prevents anyone else from accessing your cabin and lets you know no one has entered the cabin before your arrival.

How does Forest Holidays keep its hot tubs sanitised?

We follow guidance from The British and Irish Spa Hot Tub Association (BISHTA).​ 

Our team members give each hot tub a daily dosing of sanitiser to keep the water healthy, while ensuring the inside of the tubs above the waterline and lids are effectively sanitised.​ 

You might see our team on your decking when they carry out daily checks. This is to ensure your hot tub is sanitised effectively. Social distancing will be applied throughout this process. 

We also recommend taking a shower before you relax in the hot tub. Further information about using your hot tub can be found on the TV in your cabin.​

I’ve pre-booked an activity with Forest Holidays. How can I check if it’s still going ahead?

Each Forest Holidays location runs different activities. To ensure social distancing is applied, many Forest Ranger activities have been adapted for your peace of mind. In the run up to your break, look out for our emails to find out activity details specific to your chosen location. 

If you’ve already booked an activity with us that needs to be cancelled, this will have been automatically refunded before your stay. 

We’re constantly in touch with our third party activity providers. If you’ve booked an activity through a third party, we’ll let you know as soon as possible if anything has changed.

If local businesses are closed, what supplies does Forest Holidays recommend I bring?

Forest Holidays offers a secluded self-catering experience in the heart of the forest, so it’s best to bring everything you usually need when you’re away from home.

We recommend bringing your own food, supplies and essentials - but the Forest Retreat is always well stocked if you need something. Get in touch with our team members through the TV in your cabin and they can make a contact-free delivery straight to your cabin door. 

We also recommend checking with local authorities to see what shops and businesses are open before your stay. Please note Forest Holidays is not responsible if any local shops and businesses are closed during your stay.

Can I get food and supplies delivered to my cabin?

There isn’t a dine-in option at the moment but you can get basic food and supplies delivered to your cabin. Simply order what you need using the TV and a team member will drop them at your cabin doorstep, contact-free.

How can I get in touch with a Forest Holidays team member during my stay?

You can contact the Forest Retreat at any time through the TV in your cabin. They’ll deal with any requests contact-free and with social distancing applied where possible.

What essentials is my cabin stocked with?

Our cabins are designed to feel like a home from home. Find out what your cabin is stocked with by exploring our cabins

We provide cleaning cloths and BioGuard spray for all of our guests. These are kept in your cabin ready for your arrival. This is so (if you want to) you can keep things clean the same way you like to at home. 

Your cabin is also stocked with enough toilet paper and towels for your stay. There’s hand soap in the bathroom too.

Can I check in online?

You can’t check in online but you can complete an online registration form to speed up the process. If you booked with us directly, this will be emailed to you before your stay and needs to be completed prior to your arrival. 

 If you booked with Forest Holidays through a third party, you won’t be emailed an online registration form so there’s no need to worry if you don’t receive one.

What is the check in process at Forest Holidays?

We’ve adapted the way you check in and check out to ensure minimal contact. 

Your check in time will be 5pm. This later check in time is to accommodate our new CleanAssure+ system. At the moment early check-in and late check-out add-ons are currently unavailable. 

When you arrive, simply park up and follow the social distancing markers to the Forest Retreat to safely check in. You can then retreat to your cabin for your secluded forest escape. 

So we can apply social distancing effectively, queuing systems may be implemented at the Forest Retreat. While we’ll try to make the process as quick as possible, check in may take a little longer. Our friendly team members will do their best to ensure a fast-moving queue and appreciate your patience with this.

What is the check-out process at Forest Holidays?

Your check-out time is 9am. 

This earlier check-out time is to accommodate our new CleanAssure+ system. At the moment early check in and late check out add-ons are currently unavailable. 

When it’s time to check out, simply pop your keys in a drop box at the Forest Retreat and let our team members take care of the rest.

Can I use cash at a Forest Holidays location?

Not handling cash is another way both guests and team members can minimise contact. 

It’s also easier and quicker to use contactless payments on location as we can pre-authorise a credit or debit card and you can order what you need through the TV in your cabin. 

Any purchases made on location will be confirmed the day before you check out and a card payment will be made. Confirmation of your final payment will be shown on the TV in your cabin. 

Where possible, we also recommend going cashless when visiting local areas in order to reduce risk for rural communities.

How can I observe social distancing when visiting local areas?

We recommend following current social distancing guidelines, respecting the instructions set out by local authorities and supporting small independent businesses wherever possible.

If local businesses are closed, what can we do for fun on our holiday?

Keen to have a paddle at the beach, explore a National Park or drive to a famous landmark? We recommend checking with local authorities to see what’s open before your stay. 

Alternatively, our team members can advise you on places that are ready to welcome visitors. Please note Forest Holidays isn’t responsible if certain attractions and areas are closed at the time of your stay. 

Unlike holiday parks, the beauty of a Forest Holiday is there’s no need to book packaged activities in order to have a good time. From wildlife watching and den building to long walks and picnics, the forest around you provides all the entertainment and tranquility you need.

How is Forest Holidays reviewing its processes to align with government guidance?

To ensure the wellbeing of guests and team members, Forest Holidays is constantly reviewing its processes. Our priority is to ensure everything we do is effective and reflects current government guidance. We appreciate your patience and support during this ever-changing situation.