Cheshire cycle routes

Cheshire cycle routes

A guide to the top trails and rides waiting to be discovered
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1. Hunger Hill trail

The Hunger Hill trail is first on our list of Cheshire cycle rides and at 6.4km is a great family-friendly route situated at the heart of Delamere Forest. An ideal introduction to off-road cycling, the trail is made up of well-maintained forest roads and includes some short, sharp climbs, with picturesque views of the forest. Hunger Hill also offers beautiful views over Blakemere Moss.

Blakemere Moss

Take in beautiful views over Blakemere Moss

2. Whitemoor trail

For a slightly longer Cheshire bike trail the Whitemoor trail is an ideal choice with 11km of woodland to be explored within Delamere Forest. A peaceful cycle route, the Whitemoor trail takes in some of the quieter areas of the forest including meres, mosses, and beautiful lake side views. A waymarked trail we recommend visiting in autumn when the leaves change from verdant green to golds, ambers and russets!

Delamere Forest

Explore Delamere Forest

3. Old Pale Hill

Another favourite Cheshire bike trail is Old Pale Hill, which takes in a section of Delamere Forest and is perfect for mountain biking. The trail reaches heights of 176m offering breath-taking views from the top of Pale Heights. Old Pale Hill can be approached by a range of routes, but we recommend ascending from Old Pale Climb and making your decent via Cheeky Old Pale Climb.

Mountain biking in the forest

Old Pale Hill is perfect for mountain biking

4. Millennium Greenway

Next on our list cycle trails in Cheshire is the Millennium Greenway, an 11.9km trail which runs along an old railway line from Mickle Trafford to the Wharf at Connah’s Quay in Chester. A quiet cycle route, Millennium Greenway is free of traffic and flat making it ideal for families or novice cyclists.

River Dee in Chester

End your journey in the beautiful city of Chester

5. Cheshire Cycleway 70

Last on our list of Cheshire cycle routes is the Cheshire Cycleway, a 282km trail which takes in a variety of terrains suitable for a range of cyclists. From flat terrain for long distance cyclists, to rolling hills for adrenaline fueled bikers, the Cheshire Cycleway is a popular route offering beautiful scenery along the way. The Cheshire Cycleway is signposted in both directions, with signs attached to the nearest road sign so make sure you pay attention to the road ahead. View a map of Cheshire Cycleway and plan your route before you set off.

With miles of cycle paths in Cheshire to choose from, there’s so much just waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for a place to call home on your next cycling holiday our range of accommodation at Delamere Forest is an ideal option. Set within the Cheshire Plain, Delamere Forest is situated beneath broadleaf and evergreen trees. Choose between cosy hot tub cabins bordered by clusters of trees for a secluded break or cabins with sun-lit views of UK country fields.