Personal Chef Experiences

Personal Chef Experiences

Sit back, relax and enjoy a meal to remember
Forest Holidays

Indulge with Personal Chef Experiences

With an in-cabin chef, the restaurant comes to you. Relax completely as your chef prepares a delicious menu and serves it up to you in the comfort of your cabin. Whether it’s a special occasion or a holiday indulgence, this is a meal that memories are made of.

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There are 19 delicious set menus to choose from, ranging from a two-course Italian menu to a 10 course Tasting menu with some of the most premium menu items on offer. Click the link above to view the menus and start your enquiry for a private chef during your stay.

The choice will delight you, from the contrasting textures of Crisp Crusted Scallop to the intense flavours of Dry Aged British Rib Eye Fillet with Pepper & Spice Massage. From the comforting sweetness of White and Dark Chocolate Ginger Mousse to the satisfying tang of the Local Cheese Trio with Crackers & Fruit Chutney. Drinks are not included but choose from a wide range, including local wines, ales and ciders in the Forest Retreat.

Dineindulge personal chef wine and first course

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How it works

Your chef will arrive 1-2 hours before dinner is served and, while you relax in your cabin lounge, will take over your kitchen and prepare a feast. Enjoy full table service and learn some culinary tips from the chef too. When dinner is over, enjoy a stroll in the forest or a dip in the hot tub as your chef washes up and leaves the kitchen sparkling. The whole in-cabin chef experience is designed to allow you to enjoy a memorable restaurant quality meal in your own cabin, without lifting a finger.

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Ready to indulge? Start your booking directly with our in-cabin chef provider, Dineindulge. Once you've reached their booking site, simply enter Forest Holidays in the location box and choose the Forest Holidays location you're due to stay at.

During booking, Dineindulge will find out your preferences so that your experience is truly special to you; at this point any food allergy or intolerance information will be collected. To avoid disappointment, arrange your in-cabin chef experience at least 21 days before the start of your holiday.

Dineindulge personal chef desert

Simply sit back and relax while awaiting your tasty feast

Everything you need to know about your Personal Chef experience

How do I choose menu options?

When choosing a menu, start by selecting one that fits your budget and that has courses best suited to your group. Where there is multiple choice, your guests can individually select from the options available. Please inform Dineindulge of your pre-orders no later than 2 weeks before your chosen date.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Dineindulge cater for almost all dietary requirements, just let them know of any requirements you have when confirming your menu choices. Should your group have any dietary requirements, the chefs will then make adjustments to dishes or offer alternative dishes.

When will the chef arrive?

If you do have any restrictions, please make the team aware beforehand so they can discuss this with the chef. The arrival time of your chef will depend on your chosen menu and the number of guests being catered for. As the majority of your chosen menu will be prepared and cooked on location, chefs may need access to your cabin between 1 and 4 hours before your meal. You will be notified the day before the chef’s estimated arrival time.

Who is responsible for cleaning afterwards? 

Before the end of service your chef will do a full clean down of the kitchen and any equipment they have used. This will include stacking the dishwasher and washing up any dirty plates you have finished with. Any plates still in use will not be cleared away. Please ensure you have a dishwasher tablet available if you would like the chef to set your dishwasher before leaving.

What time will our meal be served?

A default time will be set as 7.30pm, please let Dineindulge know if you would like this to be changed. Changes can be made up to 14 days in advance of the chef booking.

How many people can I book for?

We would recommend checking your cabin size for the maximum number of guests that can be seated comfortably during a meal. Please be aware that bookings for more people than your cabin can occupy may not be possible, unless you have booked The Pavilion, at either Forest of Dean or Cropton, which can seat more guests. For more information about our Pavilions please speak to one of our Holiday Advisors on 03330 110 495.


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