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What is a staycation?

A staycation is a holiday where you stay close to home and enjoy the activities and attractions the UK has to offer. With 11 idyllic forest locations from Scotland to Cornwall, there’s no better way to take a staycation than a Forest Holidays break. Short travel times, no deadlines and lots of exciting options to fill your days, everything is in place for your perfect UK staycation.

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UK staycation ideas

Looking for staycation ideas? Stay at one of our forest locations and create your perfect holiday. Whether you are ready for a rest, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of nature, or you want a fun-filled break with friends and family, our forest locations are ideal for a staycation. Bring the family and enjoy the comfort of a Golden Oak or Silver Birch cabin. Head out to discover castles, museums and theme parks, take to the treetops at Go Ape and pack a bucket and spade for the traditional British seaside.  For a staycation with friends, stay in a Golden Oak Treehouse and join in a Forest Survival course, take up your bow with an archery lesson, and gather in the hot tub at the end of each busy day. Or, for a romantic staycation, stay in a cosy Golden Oak Hideaway cabin, enjoy an In-Cabin Spa treatment for two and join the Forest Ranger to see the forest at night.

Why choose a staycation?

5 reasons to take a staycation in the UK

  1. You can ditch the search for your passport, save the cost of flights, put the phrasebook back on the shelf…and relax into a simple, stress-free holiday.
  2. You can discover the unsung natural landscapes of Britain, from the crystal clear lochs of Scotland to the waterways of the Norfolk Broads, from the heather-clad moors of Yorkshire to the green, rolling hills of Hampshire; from the cliffs and beaches of Cornwall to the towering pines and ancient oak trees of Sherwood Forest
  3. You can visit the UK’s top tourist attractions, from the Eden Project in Cornwall to Peppa Pig Land in Hampshire, from the bright lights of Scarborough to the historic castles of Scotland; from the quirky village of Portmeirion in Snowdonia to the excitement of Chester Races.
  4. You can take a staycation whenever the mood takes you, any time of the year and at a moment’s notice. Our locations are open 365 days a year, whatever the weather.
  5. You can cut your travel times and increase your holiday time. Check out our location travel times below.

Find a UK staycation near you

With 11 locations across Scotland, England and Wales, there’s a forest staycation within a couple of hours most major UK cities. Within a short time, instead of perching on a hard airport chair you could be sinking into a hot tub, listening to the birds singing.

Here's some typical travel times to our UK locations from nearby towns & cities:

Visit Ardgartan Argyll

Travel time from:
Paisley, 52 mins
Glasgow, 1 hr 5 mins 
Oban, 1 hr 25 mins 
Perth, 1 hr 55 mins 
Edinburgh, 2 hrs 10 mins 

Visit Beddgelert

Travel time from:
Chester, 1 hr 40 mins
Aberystwyth, 1 hr 45 mins
Ellesmere, 1 hr 50 mins
Shrewsbury, 2 hrs 15 mins

Visit Blackwood Forest

Travel time from:
Southampton, 35 mins
Bournemouth, 1 hr
Oxford, 1 hr 5 mins
Bristol, 1 hr 5 mins
Cheltenham 1 hr 30 mins 
London, 1 hr – 2 hrs
Brighton, 2 hrs

Visit Cropton

Travel time from:
Scarborough, 55 mins
Leeds, 1 hr 30 mins
Durham, 1 hr 30 mins
Newcastle, 1 hr 50 mins 
Scunthorpe, 1 hr 55 mins
Kendal, 2 hrs 30 mins

Visit Deerpark

Travel time from:
Plymouth, 45 mins
Newquay, 50 mins
St Ives, 1 hr 15 mins
Torquay, 1 hr 30 mins 
Glastonbury, 2 hrs 30 mins

Visit Delamere Forest

Travel time from:
Liverpool, 45 mins
Manchester, 1 hr
Blackpool, 1 hr 20 mins 
Birmingham, 1 hr 55 mins
Chesterfield, 1 hr 55 mins

Visit Forest of Dean

Travel time from:
Cardiff, 1 hr
Worcester, 1 hr
Barry, 1 hr 15 mins
Bath, 1 hr 20 mins 
Birmingham, 1 hr 30 mins
Swansea, 1 hr 40 mins

Visit Keldy

Travel time from:
York, 1 hr 5 mins
Sunderland, 1 hr 5 mins
Middlesbrough, 1 hr 10 mins
Bradford, 1 hr 40 mins
Newcastle, 2 hrs 
Penrith, 2 hrs 15 mins

Visit Sherwood Forest

Travel time from:
Derby, 1 hr
Sheffield, 1 hr
Stoke on Trent, 1 hr 30 mins
Peterborough, 1 hr 30 mins
Coventry, 1 hr 30 mins 
Birmingham 1 hr 30 mins

Visit Strathyre

Travel time from:
Falkirk, 55 mins  
Glasgow, 1 hr 5 mins
East Kilbride, 1 hr 10 mins
Edinburgh, 1 hr 30 mins
Aberdeen 2 hrs 45 mins

Visit Thorpe Forest

Travel time from:
Norwich, 50 mins 
Cambridge, 1 hr
Great Yarmouth, 1 hr 5 mins
Colchester, 1 hr 20 mins
London, 2 hrs 15 mins
Lincoln, 2 hrs 30 mins