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The forest is much more than a place. It’s an attitude, a state of mind, a feeling. It’s what makes our holidays and experiences so special - you don’t just visit the forest, you feel it.

An introduction to us

At Forest Holidays, our purpose to help people experience and reconnect with forests, each other and rural communities. Because these connections are good for people and good for nature.

We are privileged to be situated in beautiful corners of the UK’s forests. Our promise, hand in hand with our local partners, Forestry England, Forestry and Land Scotland and Natural Resources Wales is to help the forests thrive, so that they are better than ever for future generations.

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Welcome to Forest Holidays, welcome to Forest Feeling.

You feel it in the birdsong on the breeze, in the scrunch of beechnuts underfoot. You feel it in that picnic-perfect, sun-dappled clearing and you feel it gazing up at the stars from the warmth of your hot tub. The forest is a feeling, and once you’ve found it, you’ll never let it go.

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  • People

    We are passionate about connecting people with nature for the benefits it has on well-being, we strive to educate the young people and nurture and develop our team. Reconnecting people with nature is at the heart of what we do.

  • Nature

    After 45 successful years of log cabin holidays and a long-term partnership with the Forestry Commission, protecting Britain's forests and supporting wildlife is at the heart of our business ethos. We focus on sustainability and enrichment to ensure the environment thrives now and well into the future.

  • Communities

    We are proud to actively support rural communities and local charities and encourage our guests to explore the local area during their stay. With year-round occupancy,  we support rural economies with employment, tourist spend and relationships with local suppliers. Our aim is to create a brighter future for nature and the people who surround it.

Discover our story

Over the last 45 years, we have sustainably created a small number of cabin locations in Great Britain. Whilst we occupy just 0.02% of the Britain's forests, the benefits each location brings to its local community are considerable. Our locations remain in public ownership, are Countryside and Rights of Way designated and open to the public. By creating employment, sharing the economic benefits of tourism, and actively contributing to communities, we can help to sustain the quality of rural life for generations to come.

From improving the wellbeing of our guests and visitors, to teaching our young people about nature, to nurturing and developing our team, people are at the heart of our purpose at Forest Holidays, because we know that when people and nature connect, good things happen.

Nature is central to our business ethos and we believe it is our responsibility to care for Britain’s forests, provide favourable conditions for wildlife to thrive and enhance the environment around us.

In a busy world we are all connected like never before, but we believe that the connections that matter the most are under threat – our connections to nature. Put simply, nature needs people and people need nature. We recognise that we are part of a bigger picture and our actions matter. Behind our three pillars of our purpose: people, nature and local communities, we have built commitments and aspirations, to create a brighter future for the natural world and the generations who will enjoy it.

Our history with the Forestry Commission