We’re a part of our local communities

We’re a part of our local communities

Forest Holidays

Helping to create a sustainable future

Our customers spend an estimated £22.9 million per year in local rural communities and since 2006, we’ve invested over £100 million into rural areas across Great Britain. We have lovingly created a small number of cabin locations in Great Britain. Whilst we occupy just 0.02% of the public forest estate, the benefits each location brings to its local community are considerable. With year-round occupancy, we support rural economies with employment. We encourage our customers to explore the local area, supporting tourist spend with our local suppliers.

A celebration of all things local

  • An unpackaged experience

    An unpackaged experience

    Playing an active part in the life of the villages and towns surrounding our locations is so important to us. We are rooted in our local area and, for most of our guests, exploring the area is a valued part of their holiday. 

  • Supporting small businesses

    Supporting small businesses

    We love helping rural entrepreneurs nurture their brands and develop their businesses through our Rural Start-up Fund. Through our funding and mentoring programme, Caroline Dawson of SUP Lass Paddle Adventures has been delivering unique experiences for our guests at Forest of Dean, beginning her own exciting adventure!

  • Championing local suppliers

    Championing local suppliers

    Weetwood are an Independent, family owned and family run, award winning Brewery and Distillery set in the rural Cheshire countryside. You'll find their award-winning family-run distillery just a couple of miles from Delamare Forest on the outskirts of the village of Kelsall. 

Our Community goals

Thanks to the unique character of each of our 13 amazing locations, a Forest Holiday is reflective of the rural community surrounding it. We want to continue to help these areas thrive — because we’re a part of them:

  • 100% of new suppliers to be accountable to our code of conduct.
  • Connect 20,000 young people with nature through our partnership with National Parks.
  • Support at least one rural business start-up every year.
  • Support every local Wildlife Trust close to our locations.
  • Give the equivalent of a break every month to a family in need.
  • Work with our partners to create more volunteering opportunities for our teams.
  • Support a minimum of 12 local community projects.
Making a difference locally

Making a difference locally

We buy and contract locally, keeping as much of our own spend in the area as we can. For our guests, discovering and sampling regional specialities is part of their holiday experience, and we buy food, drink, crafts and other items from local suppliers.

We love using our business as a force of good

From the local charities that we support on the ground to broader projects with charitable organisations and our partners, our focus is on building a brighter future for the planet and for the generations who will enjoy it. As well as our relationship with Forestry England, Forestry and Land Scotland, Natural Resources Wales and local collaborations with Wildlife Trusts, amongst others, we have a number of key partnerships. These include National Parks, Family Holiday Charity, Grown in Britain and The Royal Countryside Fund.

  • Time Away

    Time Away

    We know the value that time away as a family can bring. Time away believe everyone deserves a break. It’s time to talk, time to listen, time to think and time to be together. Families can face challenges that might mean going on holiday is out of reach, and that’s where we want to help. We’re giving six families six of
    our accessible cabins across the country for some much-needed time away, providing unique holidays in the forest is what we do best.

  • British Heart Foundation

    British Heart Foundation

    Over £42,000 raised for the British Heart Foundation. Most of our cabins across all of our locations have had a little makeover. Some of our furniture went on to be sold in British Heart Foundation shops all over the country. We’re proud that these used sofas, mattresses and dining chairs from our cabins have found themselves another home after us. After all, they still have a lot left to give.

  • Make A Wish holidays

    Make A Wish holidays

    Everyone deserves a holiday and time away to connect. Even more so when they are facing uncertainties in life. We’re proud to be working with MakeA-Wish to give six holidays to six wonderful families coping with some of the toughest challenges life can bring. We want to enable families to make memories on holiday that will last a lifetime, and provide a little bit of light amongst darkness.

Royal Countryside Fund

Royal Countryside Fund

Since 2019, Forest Holidays has been proud to partner with The Royal Countryside Fund to deliver the Rural Start-Up Fund— a joint initiative to support people with business ideas in rural areas. We donate 10p from every hot drink, and we provide core business mentoring workshops; a key and exciting component of the initiative.