Forest Holidays

Connecting people with nature

When people and nature connect, good things happen

From improving the wellbeing of our guests and visitors, to teaching our young people about nature, to nurturing and developing our team, people are at the heart of our purpose at Forest Holidays, because we know that when people and nature connect, good things happen.

Wellbeing through nature

Nature makes us healthier and happier. At Forest Holidays, as well as the benefits of simply enjoying our natural locations, we promote wellbeing through nature with many activities and initiatives. With each passing generation we are moving further away from the natural world, but research evidence is mounting that spending time in nature is good, if not essential, for our wellbeing. That’s why reconnecting people with nature is so important to us at Forest Holidays.

Young people and nature

Outside play is central to a healthy childhood but it is becoming rarer. We need to bring nature back into our children’s lives, not only for their wellbeing but also so that they are inspired to become its custodians in the future. For children in particular, if we can get them back outside, we can help to start them on a journey that ultimately encourages them to value and look after the natural world.

Nurturing our people

Our guests tell us that our holidays in the forest are unique and allow them to relax and feel renewed. Opening up the benefits of nature to our guests and the wider community, our team are the people who bring our purpose to life. Their roles are unlike any other in the tourism and hospitality industry, and we value their skills, expertise and passion. A love of the natural world is an important ingredient when your job is so connected to it, and when you can pass that love onto others, it can be the best job in the world.