The forest at heart, with people in mind

The forest at heart, with people in mind

Forest Holidays

We believe in making a real difference to our teams’ lives

From Housekeeping teams to brand designers, we work as one team to give our customers that Forest Feeling. After all, it’s our team that are part of every step we take towards sustainable tourism in the UK. Forest Holidays offers a genuine inclusive team culture, individual career paths, a focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace and financial security.

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It’s all this, and much more, that ensures a real love for our company

  • More than just a job

    More than just a job

    95% of our team are proud to work for Forest Holidays and 90% think we treat all team members fairly.

  • Genuine team culture

    Genuine team culture

    “What I love about Forest Holidays is the people who make it.” Team member, Support Centre, Moira.

  • Committed to the future

    Committed to the future

    We’re committed to supporting the workforce of the future, offering apprenticeships across all of our locations to further develop skills within our teams.

Our People goals

We practise what we preach and put our purpose, people and planet first. That’s why our teams are so important to us and to them, we've made long-term commitments: 

  • Record time spent on training and professional development, so we can better understand how we can support our team’s career paths.
  • Monitor our team policies and training in line with best-in-class standards through the B Corp framework.
  • Provide free health checks and a wellbeing calendar of events for all team members.
  • Work with our partners to provide teams with more volunteering opportunities.
  • Reduce our gender pay gap and champion female leadership through our WiTHL partnership over the long term.
Our teams feel right at home with us

Our teams feel right at home with us

95% of our team are proud to work for Forest Holidays and 90% think we treat all team members fairly. We think it’s important to continually ask our team how we can improve. We listen and we don’t sit still.

For our customers, you don’t just visit the forest, you feel it

Forest Holidays offers a unique and special way to enjoy the forest and help people reconnect with nature. Because these connections are good for people and good for nature. You don’t just visit the forest, you really feel it, and the only place you can really find that Forest Feeling is on a Forest Holiday. We invite all our customers to feedback on their experience, and we continuously monitor and innovate, ensuring we are committed to our customers – and the forest.

Our Customer goals 

  • Continue our journey to use our business as a force for good and use our marketing channels to educate our audiences.
  • Introduce a formal brand innovation programme to use guest data and feedback to drive product and service innovation.
  • Increase our Net Promotor Score - our guests’ feedback - year on year.
  • Introduce guest Citizen Science projects throughout all seasons.
  • Build out a plan for more interpretation boards on our locations to educate our guests.

Let the forest take the weight off

Once you’ve found that Forest Feeling, you’ll never let it go.

Forest Holidays help people experience and reconnect with forests, each other and rural communities. Because these connections are good for people and good for nature. With us, people feel rested, restored, recharged and relaxed; connected to the forest and to each other.

Studies show that nature is so good for our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It can relieve stress, calm anxiety and help with depression.

When people and nature come together, good things happen.

Connecting people with nature

Connecting people with nature

We understand the power of nature and know that outside play is fundamental to young people.

That’s why we work with National Parks to deliver National Parks Futures. Our aim is to connect 20,000 young people with nature in the next five years.

Benefits of nature for children

Children love our natural playgrounds. Time in the great outdoors opens up a world of creativity and curiosity. It leaves children feeling more confident, being more active and becoming more passionate about caring for our planet. We believe the earlier this happens, the better. As soon as children cultivate a sense of real natural wonder, they open a whole new world of creativity and curiosity. 

Our Forest Rangers bring the forest to life for children. Taking them on real adventures, they uncover animal tracks, build dens, search for mini-beasts and learn about the forest and its wildlife.

Real adventure in real forests

  • Outdoor play is key

    Outdoor play is key

    Less than 10% of children regularly play in natural spaces. We love that we can offer freedom and fresh forest air on holiday.

  • Children love wildlife

    Children love wildlife

    But did you know that they struggle to identify wildlife. Over 50% can't tell the difference between a bee and a wasp.

  • Screentime is on the rise

    Screentime is on the rise

    Screentime is at an all time high. We want children to disconnect from the digital world and take time to have fun in nature.

Get closer to nature on a Forest Holiday

By teaching children to understand the forest and its wildlife, we inspire the next generation to love and look after our natural environment.

Outside play is fundamental to young people. As well as providing fresh air and exercise, it's one of the essential ingredients for our children’s wellbeing, education, and social development.