Forest Holidays and Forestry England

Forest Holidays and Forestry England

A deep-rooted partnership that encourages a special way for people to connect with nature, and each other, in forests.
Forest Holidays

Over 50 years of working together

We prove that nature and business can be the most powerful partnership

Founded by The Forestry Commission in 1973, Forest Holidays was the first of its kind, leading the way with a pioneering business model that carefully balances planet, purpose and profit.

The long-standing partnership between Forestry England and Forest Holidays provides a sustainable income stream to help manage the nation’s forests for people to enjoy and explore, wildlife to thrive and to enable a sustainable source of timber for the future.

Becoming part of the B Corp community takes our commitment to support long term conservation a step further

The nation’s forests are a hugely important asset which many people benefit greatly from, but they need to be funded and supported. Our business was founded to do just that; broadening experiences in the nation’s forests whilst contributing a sustainable income to help preserve them for years to come.

  • Generating valuable income

    Generating valuable income

    We’re passionate about connecting people with nature whilst creating a brighter future for Britain’s forests. To date, Forest Holidays has invested over £100 million into Britain’s forests, increasing recreational use, improving facilities, and creating and maintaining trails.


  • Beautiful spaces for all

    Beautiful spaces for all

    What started as an ambitious vision has evolved over 50 years. Our business respects nature and benefits ecosystems. It positively impacts and conserves the environment and creates incredible experiences for the millions of people who visit us.

  • Championing conservation

    Championing conservation

    The unique partnership between Forest Holidays and Forestry England ensures both people and nature can thrive alongside one another. More than 80% of the land Forest Holidays occupies is managed for conservation through woodland and landscape plans.


Forestry England

Forestry England

We’re Forestry England’s first major biodiversity corporate partner.

With the support of partners like us, they can deliver landscape-scale nature recovery projects. Over the course of the next five years, Forest Holidays is committed to a forest wilding project.

The Forest Holidays Story

Designed in harmony with the forest

  • 1960's


    A public desire to spend recreation time in natural environments was growing. In response, the Forestry Commission made plans to begin steadily creating new facilities for visitors, with the Forest Cabins Branch being formed to oversee the building of new holiday cabins.

  • 1972 to 1980

    1972 to 1980

    Spare workers’ houses were converted to cottages and four cabin locations were established at Deerpark in Cornwall, Keldy in North Yorkshire, and Strathyre and Loch Awe in Scotland, in addition to a number of already established campsites across Great Britain.


  • 2006


    The demand from the public was still growing, more capital investment and operational expertise was needed to expand its offering. A new partnership was formed with the Camping and Caravanning Club to manage and expand the overnight accommodation provision in the forest.

  • 2012


    Two new partnerships were born, Camping in the Forest with the Camping and Caravanning Club and Forest Holidays. In time, new cabins were introduced in Hampshire, the Forest of Dean, North Yorkshire, Sherwood Forest, Argyll, Norfolk and Stirlingshire.

  • Today


    Today, we continue to be committed to building sustainable locations that protect and promote the UK’s forests. We work closely with Forestry England to deliver key conservation projects across the UK within the Forestry England’s managed woodlands.

  • The future

    The future

    The entire ethos of a Forest Holiday is centred on renewal in the peaceful environment of a natural forest setting which is rich in habitat and the wildlife this sustains. We will always ensure that locations and the surrounding public forest are enhanced and enriched.

Our conservation fund

Our conservation fund

Together, Forestry England and Forest Holidays do more for the forest

Approximately 19.5 hectares of meadow habitat is managed by Forest Holidays, species are monitored through ecological surveys and ecological projects are championed through a Conservation Fund.