Why spring is the best season

Why spring is the best season

The season of all things new
Forest Holidays


1. The spring equinox

Celebrated for centuries when the sun moves north across the celestial equator, the spring equinox marks the first day of astronomical spring. Following this, the days get longer and the evenings get brighter.

2. Longer days

Speaking of more daylight hours and lighter evenings, this also means more chance to enjoy the outdoors. Canoeing, cycling, and archery are just a few of the new activities you can try with a few more hours of daylight on your side. Enjoy an adventurous archery holiday or a scenic cycling holiday.

3. Mother’s Day

Let’s face it, we never take the time during the rest of the year to really thank our Mums for everything they have done for us. Mother’s Day, usually on the last Sunday in March, is the perfect chance to show her just how grateful you are.

Two women wearing bike helmets

Grab your helmet and cycle your way through nature

4. Clocks change

That oven clock that’s been an hour fast since October is finally right!

5. Green, green grass everywhere

Who knew there were so many different shades of grass? From the bright green of meadows and the changing tones of forest clearings, to the golden green hue on farmers’ fields. And we can’t forget the sweet smell of freshly cut spring grass that fills the air!

6. Refreshing April showers

It might not seem obvious at first what there is to love about the April showers but, without them, we wouldn’t have the beautiful green grass and blossoming flowers. Become one of the kids again and go splash in those puddles – you know you want to! Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to be a grown up all the time!

Family in a rainy forest

Rain or shine, keep discovering

7. Get outdoors for a great new adventure

With all of the local attractions opening their doors once again, it’s the perfect time to discover something new. Find out what’s nearby our 11 forest hot tub locations here.

8. Spring cleaning

Grab those marigolds and get busy! Clear out last year’s clutter and start anew. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just be for the house either; your mind is equally important! Have you ever tried Forest Bathing?

9. April Fool’s Day

Become one of the kids again as, until the clock strikes 12 at midday, you have free reign to see how many people you can catch out. Our advice: the simpler the joke, the better!

10. Travelling

Three bank holiday weekends in spring mean three separate chances to travel somewhere brand new. From the lochs of Scotland to the wide open North Yorkshire moors, from the history of Sherwood Forest to the Cornish seaside; there are always new places to discover on a spring weekend break!

Couple at Meillionen train station in Beddgelert

Explore the Welsh scenery by train at Beddgelert

11. Easter

There’s no other time of year that’s quite the same as Easter. Gathering with family and friends over the long weekend, making Easter bonnets with the children, seeing the look on their faces when they realise the Easter bunny has been, and let’s not forget the endless supply of chocolate that you’ll be enjoying until autumn.

12. May bank holidays – both of them!

It’s two bank holidays for the price of one in May and that means two long weekends that are primed for a new adventure. If Easter comes early in March, the bank holidays in May offer another chance for a break part-way through the season.

13. May half term

The kids are off and families are together. This first taste of summer is made even sweeter by the fact that Monday is a bank holiday! Make the most of it by creating memories that will last through the summer and beyond.

Family toasting marshmallows over fire

Toasted marshmallows over an open fire

14. Sunny weather

The summery sun is officially back after its winter hibernation. With it being warm enough for a light jacket, but not too warm for sunburn (usually) it makes for the perfect recipe to get out and about.

15. Spring temperatures

Spring is the flawless middle ground where you can leave the thick coat and woollies at home and, with a light jacket in case of those April showers, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot in summer heat.

16. Butterflies, birds, and bees are all back

Watching butterflies dance through the air, seeing the bees busy at work, and listening as the birds sing their song are some of the simplest joys of spring.

Red butterfly close up

Butterfly in bloom

17. First of the barbecue weather

Speaking of barbecue season; spring is often overlooked as a potential time to take your cooking alfresco but it’s a great opportunity to dust off last year’s grill and soak up the springtime rays. Compete with family and friends to see who can have the first barbecue of the year!

18. Spring breeze

The refreshing breeze in the air reinvigorates you after a winter hibernation; bringing with it a fresh perspective and a sense of what’s to come.

Woman sat in the sunshine in the forest

Feel the light breeze and warm sun on your face

19. New season lines in clothes – getting summer ready

Gone are the autumn hues and woolly jumpers, here are bright, vibrant summer colours and light fabrics, ready for the warmer weather.

20. Spring food

One of the reasons why we love autumn and winter has to be the change in food and spring is no different. Rosy strawberries and freshly-made hot cross buns are just the start.

21. Bright spring colours everywhere you look

Yellows, lilacs, blues, and greens; no matter where you look you’ll see bright spring colours everywhere! Did you know? Each spring we are treated to swathes of beautiful bluebells at Forest of DeanDeerpark, and Blackwood Forest.

Forest floor of bluebells

Get lost in a forest sea of bluebells

22. Clear blue skies in May

And when we say clear blue skies, we mean crystal clear blue skies. Not a cloud in sight heralds a beautiful day in the making and it’s a far cry from the blanket of winter grey.

23. Flower power!

Tulips, daffodils, bluebells, and so many more flowers are blooming once again. Walking through the forest you’re treated to some spectacular scenes.

24. Animals come out of hibernation

Seeing the forest come back to life after its winter rest is a sight to behold and something you don’t realise was missing until it returns.

Hedgehog exploring the forest floor

Hedgehog exploring the flowery forest floor

25. The atmosphere

It’s not just the animals that come out of hibernation in the spring; people do too! With this, come uplifted spirits and rejuvenated souls.

26. New life all around

Who doesn’t love seeing the lambs bounding over hillside, watching ducklings on a pond, and hearing the sound of birdsong in the air?

27. Take a step back to reflect

The change of seasons often heralds a time for reflection, your chance to take a step back and think about the year so far; how are those New Year resolutions going?

28. It’s planting season

Get those fingers green as planting season begins in earnest. Getting ahead now means that you’ll be reaping the rewards throughout the rest of the year.

29. Summer is just around the corner

We’ve had a taste of the good stuff and the real thing will be here before you know it!

Couple paddling in a lake

Make a splash together in nature

30. The perfect time to plan those summer holidays

If you missed out on booking your summer holiday at the start of the year, spring is the next best chance to get your adventure booked – what will you discover?


Those are our top 30 reasons, what are yours? If you’re not quite filled with the joys of spring just yet, an escape to the forest could be just what you need.