A luxury forest getaway

Open in spring 2013, our Blackwood Forest location in Hampshire offers the chance to holiday in one of 60 brand new luxury woodland cabins, hidden deep in a 270 hectare beech forest. Leave the world behind as you pass beneath the towering Blackwood Forest beeches and enjoy the unique Forest Holidays blend of nature’s wonder and life’s little luxuries.  

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Luxury accommodation beneath the trees

Built in harmony with their woodland surroundings and furnished with every comfort imaginable, our Blackwood Forest cabins will delight you. Choose from a range of brand new luxury woodland cabins, including, new for Blackwood Forest, the Golden Oak Hideaway.

Our Blackwood Forest cabins have been developed with the environment in mind.  They’re heated using wood pellets generators, which efficiently and ‘carbon neutrally’ convert biomass in the form of wood pellets into heat while giving off almost no wood smoke. The carbon dioxide released by burning is balanced by that absorbed by the tree during its growth. The ash from the Wood Pellet Fuel which is rich in minerals is then recycled to fertilise the forest.