Creating jobs at Delamere Forest

Creating jobs at Delamere Forest

Supporting the local community
Forest Holidays

Supporting Delamere's communities

Over the last 45 years, Forest Holidays has sustainably created 11 locations in rural communities across the UK, employing over 600 local people in year-round jobs. Most recently, as part of Delamere Forest’s Masterplan, we've recruited a new team with the majority living within the local area. We've also supported a local initiative to help prison inmates back into work.

Growing our team

We believe that to bring the benefits of the forest into people’s lives and connect people with nature, it's important that we're rooted in the local community. We've now employed a team of local people into a range of full and part time job roles. Our teams act as ambassadors for the region and our success is founded on their enthusiasm and dedication to providing our guests with an exceptional holiday experience.

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Evening sunlight passing through the trees in Delamere Forest, Cheshire

Becoming rooted in our local community

Supporting a pioneering scheme to help prison inmates back into work

The construction of our cabins has supported a pioneering scheme to help prison inmates from HMP Hindley in Greater Manchester back into work. The scheme by Osco Homes provides them with training and full-time employment opportunities once they are released. By adapting their processes to meet our unique cabin needs, each of our cabin floors have been made by inmates in a purpose-built factory within the prison.

Karl Ventre, Head of Operations for Osco Homes describes how the cabin floors at Delamere Forest are being manufactured by prison inmates as part of a pioneering scheme to support them back into work.