Putting Delamere Forest on the map

Putting Delamere Forest on the map

Committed to protecting all wildlife species
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Telling the story of Delamere Forest wildlife

From the start one of the core ambitions of the Delamere Forest project has been to enhance and broaden habitats. At all of our locations we aim to encourage and support wildlife and with species such as The White-faced darter dragonfly and common lizards, notable in Delamere Forest we are committed to ensuring a rich environment.

By diversifying the structure of the forest in and around our cabin location, the aim is to create an understory of native woodland trees and flora and provide a more varied and rich environment for forest species such as, brown long eared bats, common pipistrelle bats, jays, blackcaps, treecreepers, swallows, tawny owls and pollinators such as butterflies and bees, to name a few.

We have also installed bat and bird boxes to help increase roosting and nesting potential and will add more later on in the process. Leading up to proposals for any of our new locations extensive ecological surveys are carried out and at Delamere this involved many years of studies prior to the planning process. We have followed ecological management plans throughout the works and every care is taken to protect forest wildlife.

Birds Siskin Carduelis Spinus

Look out for the eye catching Siskin birds on your walks through Delamere Forest

Flying high to promote tourism across Cheshire

The magnificence of Delamere Forest has been captured in a new film commissioned by our team. “Escape to Delamere Forest” is a stunning visual ode to this incredible location, captured in one day from sunrise to sunset. Through drone footage, the beauty of the locations landscape, its stunning meres and moses, and its endless trails are perfectly captured.

Forestry England describes Delamere as "...a shady oasis in the midst of the agricultural landscape of the Cheshire Plain, a place to let off steam, escape the crowds and find peace in the heart of the forest." We wholeheartedly agree and hope that our film inspires people to come and stay in the heart of the forest, whilst also taking the time to explore and appreciate the many attractions of the wider region. Forestry England have managed Delamere Forest for almost a century. Listen to the team describe just what makes this stunning location so special.

Aerial view of a lake at Delamere Forest, Cheshire

Take in the peace and tranquillity of Delamere Forest