Gorge walking - from £15 per person

  • Available at:
  • Suitable for:
    Guests over the age of 6.
  • Cost:
    From £110

If there is one thing that North Wales has plenty of, it's water. With an average rainfall of almost four and a half thousand millimetres per year, our rivers and streams are some of the most dramatic in Britain. With a world-class resource such as this right on our doorstep it would be daft for us not to utilize its full potential, so we have decided to do just that.

Put simply, Gorge walking is the act of climbing up, or sliding down a thundering mountain river, negotiating plunge pools, waterslides, waterfalls and rapids.

More information:
- The activity lasts 1.5-2 hours. 
- Day and time to be confirmed at check-in.
- The minimum age to take part is 6 years.
- 2-16 people required per session.
- Wear sturdy walking boots and suitable outdoor clothing.

Not suitable for guests suffering from Heart conditions, Epilepsy, Vertigo, High blood pressure, Pregnancy, any recent or unresolved injuries to legs, hips, knees, ankles or feet.


*This is a 3rd party activity

(day requested is subject to availability)



It’s a paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers and dog owners and there are bikes for hire and Rangers offering group walks into the silent woods at dusk.

MyTelegraph.co.uk 19th July 2015