10 dog essentials to take on holiday

10 dog essentials to take on holiday

The forest is the ultimate dog friendly holiday.
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Holidays are much more fun when your dog comes along. To help prepare for your dog-friendly escape, we caught up with homewares and lifestyle brand Sophie Allport to share their top dog essentials to pack for a UK holiday.



1. Their favourite dog bed

It’s always a good idea to take their favourite dog bed on any holiday - it’s your dog’s cosy and safe place, which provides a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s also super handy to have in the back of the car so that your dog can stretch out and snooze if you’ve got a long journey planned. Are you looking for a new cosy dog bed for your dog? Look no further than these beautiful pet beds.

2. Dog food and bowls

Don’t forget to bring a supply of your dog’s food with you for the duration of your stay, and it’s always a good idea to take a bowl too! Whilst you can always pop to the shops whilst away and stock up, some dogs, particularly those with delicate stomachs, will much prefer their own food and are less likely to turn their nose up at it.

3. A spare lead

Taking a spare lead is always a good idea! If you’re going on a long country walk and you let your dog off to have a good run around, it can be easy to drop the lead from your pocket or hand without noticing, so a backup is a must. We’d suggest taking both a long dog lead and a short dog lead with you - the long lead is perfect for when you’re on location, giving your beloved dog opportunities for running about, then a short lead for when you need them close by.

Pet beds big enough for two!

4. A bottle of water and a travel bowl

It's always handy to have a travel water bowl to take with you for long car journeys and holidays. A collapsible bowl will also come in handy on a long dog walk too!

5. Dog toys

Take some of your dog's favourite toys with them. Toys are a great way to keep them entertained throughout your stay and in the car. We’d recommend a ball to play fetch, a rope toy for the much-loved game, tug of war, and a squeaky toy for entertainment.

6. Dog treats

It’s their holiday too, and your dog will be thrilled if you remember to take along their favourite treats. They are great for getting their attention, practising training, and rewarding when needed!

Time for a treat!

7. Poo bags

These are a definite must whenever you leave the home, especially on holiday. Take plenty of poo bags with you for your stay, and ensure you’ve always got a few extra handy in your pocket or bag. We find this Dog Walking Bag perfect for keeping all your little essentials in, and you can take it with you on walks too. Keep a stash of extra poo bags in the car just in case you run out.

8. A raincoat or jumper

Season dependent, of course, but with unpredictable British weather, you can always count on the odd rain shower, so it’s always handy to have a raincoat to keep your pooch dry. Jumpers are particularly practical for dogs that have little fur and will help keep them warm on chilly days.

9. A blanket and towel

With muddy walks quite possible, a towel is essential for wiping down paws before jumping back in the car or heading into your lodge. At Forest Holidays, there are plenty of outdoor taps to wash the forest mud away too - making life that little bit easier. A cosy blanket they use at home is also a great essential, and like their dog bed, can give them a sense of security with familiar surroundings.

10. Medication

Finally, always remember to pack any of your dog's medication whilst on holiday too! Our top tip would be to pack a mini first aid box for the dog, with everything you need, from eyewash pods and tick tweezers to cleansing wipes and bandages for emergencies.

Dog walking bag for treats and more

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