5 ways to rewild yourself

5 ways to rewild yourself

Finding your wild means something different to everyone
Forest Holidays


To rewild [verb] : To reconnect with nature and to allow our natural surroundings and the wild to improve our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. 

Finding your wild means something different to everyone. Kayaking as the sun goes down. Toasting marshmallows over an open fire. Enjoying breakfast al fresco. Stargazing. It’s all those things and much more. 

We’ve gathered five wild wellness ways and how you can allow rewilding into your everyday: 

Roam somewhere new

Explore off the beaten track. Discover natural wonders. Get wet and wild.  

Sometimes you just need to discover a different view of the world, share a new experience with loved ones or uncover hidden unspoilt havens. It could be dipping into the warm welcoming waters of a log cabin hot tub. It could be heading out far beyond the eye can see on your bike. Nature has endless possibilities and that’s the beauty of it. 

Explore off the beaten track.

Where to go? Make a splash canoeing down the river Wye at dusk - close to our Forest of Dean location. The beauty of the river Wye and its surroundings is best explored from in the water in one of our canoes. Trust us, it’s even more beautiful as the sun comes down. 

Forage in the great outdoors 

Forest foraging. Blackberries in the bush. A picnic-perfect sun-dappled clearing. 

There’s nothing quite like the joy of sharing a picnic with loved ones in the great outdoors. Sunlit hill tops to grassy riverbanks, there’s a picture-perfect picnic spot near you just waiting to be uncovered. Root throw hedgerows in search of blackberries. Pick some fragrant elderflowers and sample elderflower cordial when get home. Trust us, foraging gives you a satisfying feeling in both you 

Where to go? Surrounded by rolling Hampshire hills, our Blackwood Forest location offers a Forest Bathing experience. You’ll take a guided walk with us and finish with a freshly picked nettle tea ceremony. 

Disconnect from the world

No phones. No laptops. Just you and your loved ones. Reconnecting. Bliss.  

Disconnect from the digital world for a while (even just ten minutes). The great outdoors helps bring us back into the real world, and reconnect with nature and ourselves. Feel free from the demands of your digital life and carve out meaningful and mindful habits. It’s just a simple step to help re-wild your brain and body and restore a little harmony. 

No phones. No laptops. Just you and your loved ones. Reconnecting.

Where to go? Head to our Keldy location and you’ll completely switch off. Our mobile signal is very patchy. We don’t think that’s a bad thing, but of course you can enjoy our Wifi if you wish. 

Get a little bit muddy  

Take time in the fresh air. Build dens. Climb trees. Get a little bit muddy.  

Gloriously muddy adventures are the perfect way to reconnect. They are made even better in the rain! Splash in those puddles like you once did. Throw off your shoes and walk barefoot.  Feel grounded and even closer to nature. Take time. Time to discover nature and the beauty of landscapes far beyond. Take time to have fun and laugh with loved ones. Take time to just be.  

Where to go? Enjoy an adventure climbing trees at our Thorpe Forest location. You’ll ascend towering pines to a height of 20 metres to get some of the very best birds-eye views of the forest. 

Simply listen to nature 

Birdsong on the breeze. The scrunch of beechnuts underfoot. The rippling of a nearby stream. 

Use your ears as much as your eyes as you wander. It’s magical just listening to the sounds of nature, it awakens the senses. What can you hear? The birds singing, leaves gently rustling, the buzz of bees around wildflowers. Allow the sounds to flow through you and feel its calming effects. 

Birdsong on the breeze. The scrunch of beechnuts underfoot.

Where to go? Head to our Sherwood Forest location and listen out for the tawny owl. In winter, the hooting of the nocturnal tawny owl fills the air, with their striking gingery-brown feathers standing out against the frosty forest backdrop. Watch as they hunt for mice and ‘talk’ to each other during the courting season. 

Rewild at Forest Holidays 

There are lots of places to stay in the UK, but only one where you can sleep under the stars in a real forest, in a cosy hot tub cabin that feels like a home from home.  

The forest is your playground. It’s a place full of wonder, just waiting to be discovered. That’s the beauty of Forest Holidays. It’s the ultimate base for rewilding. It’s endless possibilities. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s what makes our holidays and experiences so special - you don’t just visit the forest, you feel it. 

You’ll find everything you need to rewild yourself. We’ll give you a helping hand to get you closer to nature – and find that forest feeling with us.