Looking to get out of Nottingham?

Looking to get out of Nottingham?

Explore our guide to Nottinghamshire cycle trails.
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Our top 5 bike rides around Nottingham

1. Cycling at Birklands

First on our list for bike trails in Nottingham is, Birklands, situated in Sherwood Forest with history dating back to 1251. Offering an extensive network of paths and a range of trails around the woodland, Birklands is a great place to explore and soak up the beautiful scenery along the way. Please note these trails are not waymarked.

Sat nav postcode: NG21 9RN

View of Sherwood Pines

View of Sherwood Pines.

2. The Kitchener trail

Next on our list of cycle tracks in Nottingham is, the Kitchener trail, situated within Sherwood Pines and one of the most popular routes amongst cyclists thanks to its many berms and rollers. Soar through the forest on this 13km single track trail, but beware the route is challenging depending on the time of year! A red grade trail, this route is suitable for proficient mountain bikers with good off-roading skills.

Sat nav postcode: NG21 9JL

Mountain biking in the forest

Mountain biking through the forest.

3. Skills Loop at Sherwood Pines

For an area to practice and improve your cycling abilities, the Skills Loop at Sherwood Pines offers just that and is a great place to have fun! To access this loop, make your way to the Family Cycle Trail (more on that below) and let loose on this single track 0.8km trail. With a variety of technical features along a mini loop the trail has been marker as a blue grade route suitable for intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with off-road riding skills.

Sat nav postcode: NG21 9JL

Cycling at Sherwood Forest

Practice and improve your cycling abilities.

4. Family Cycle route

The Family Cycle route is a 4.8km circular trail situated within Sherwood Pines. This child-friendly Nottingham cycle ride starts nearby the Visitor Centre at Sherwood Pines, looping through the forest on an extensive all-weather network. The route is popular amongst families with young children and has been marked as a green grade, suitable for beginners or novice cyclists.

Sat nav postcode: NG21 9JL

Family cycling at Sherwood Forest

A cycling trail for the whole family.

5. Bike park

Last on our list for Nottingham cycle paths isn’t exactly a cycle path, but it is a seriously cool place to build your mountain bike skills on dirt jumps in the woods. The bike park is split into two zones known as the Dirt Jump Zone and the Downhill Zone. The Dirt Jump Zone includes a variety of dirt jumps with a linear pump track and are marked with signs to represent the skill level required. The Downhill Zone includes 4 runs down the hillside, each including rock drops and jumps finishing at the Adventure Cycle Trail. It’s important to take note of the terrain you are riding on to ensure your skill level is suitable.

Sat nav postcode: NG21 9JL

Family mountain biking in the forest

Test your biking skills at Sherwood Pines Bike Park.

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