Forest foraged cocktail recipes
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Forest foraged cocktail recipes

Get outdoors and forage for ingredients


A Bramble Hot Toddy cocktail



• Whiskey
• Blackberries
• Elderberries
• Black pepper
• Hot water
• Apples

Suggested method

1. Muddle the blackberries, elderflowers and black peppercorns with a pestle and mortar.
2. Chop and simmer apples until soft then mash. Sieve the apple mash and then filter the juice through coffee filters.
3. Gently warm the blackberry mixture and homemade apple juice over the hob, adding a little water.
4. Pour a measure of quality whiskey into a sturdy glass and top with the warm bramble and apple juice. Add sugar syrup to taste.

A Forest Bloody Mary cocktail



• Vodka
• Wild horseradish
• Ground Ivy
• Thyme
• Black Pepper
• Lemon
• Tabasco
• Worcester Sauce
• Tomatoes
• Water

Suggested method

1. Infuse vodka with wild horseradish, ground ivy and thyme.
2. Muddle tomatoes then simmer and cook for 25 minutes until soupy. Strain the juice through a sieve then cool completely.
3. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the infused vodka, black pepper, lemon, Tabasco and Worcester sauce.
4. Add tomato juice and shake well.
5. Pour into glasses and garnish with a horseradish leaf.

A Himalayan Balsam Burst cocktail



• Himalayan Balsam flower-infused vodka
• Wild mint
• Blackberries
• Apple juice
• Tonic
• Ice cubes 

Suggested method

1. Infuse quality vodka with Himalayan Balsam flowers.
2. Pour a measure into a glass filled with ice.
3. Top with apple juice and tonic.
4. Add blackberries and wild mint to enhance the flavour.