Get your nature fix on a Forest Holiday

Get your nature fix on a Forest Holiday

When people and nature come together, good things happen
Forest Holidays


We’ve gathered a few of the ways you and your loved ones will get closer to nature with us. After all, you don’t just visit the forest, you really feel it. And once you’ve found that forest feeling, you’ll never let it go. 

Walking in our winding woodland trails 

Unbeaten forest trails. Hills to wander. Spectacular views as you go. Feel that forest feeling. 

Explore the unbeaten tracks of the forest and head out far beyond. Our team will guide you to the very best routes and trails nearby. There’s a sense of freedom with a Forest Holiday like no other break. There’s beautiful towns and villages to potter, there’s local rivers to swim and there’s stunning views around every corner.  

Where to go? Our Blackwood Forest location is set within a 270-hectare beech wood which is carpeted in bluebells during the spring. It’s simply magical watching the forest wake up all around you. 

At home? Uncover a new walk with your canine companion. Venture somewhere different. It’s extraordinary just what you can find right on your doorstep. 

Cycling through our glorious forests

On your bike. Nowhere to be. Miles of forest to uncover. Fresh air and freedom.  

Imagine the wind in your hair as you leave the everyday behind. The feeling of freedom as you let the forest take the weight off your shoulders. The forest is the perfect backdrop to for an adventure on your bike. There’s routes from your cabin doorstep and plenty of pubs and picnic spots for when you need a pit stop.  

Where to go? Our Beddgelert location in Snowdonia is the ultimate base to experience the wild of biking in the mountains. The famous Lon Gwyrfai Path begins right at your cabin doorstep. You’ll take in a variety of landscapes, including stunning views of Snowdon. 

At home? Get your bike out from the back of the garage, dust it down and enjoy cycling down lanes and off the beaten track. It will take you a world away from the day to day and immerse you in their natural wonder - and the good life. 

Family cycling through the forest at Blackwood Forest in Hampshire

Fresh air and forest freedom.

Spending time with our Forest Ranger 

Explore more. Spot wildlife. Uncover secrets of the forest. An unforgettable adventure. 

Our Forest Rangers bring the forest to life. They’ll take you on an adventure you won’t forget. Children will uncover animal tracks, search for mini-beasts and learn about the forest and its wildlife. We don’t forget about adults. Forest Rangers let you in on the secrets of the forest. Explore the forest by night, forage for wild food – and experience that sense of nostalgia melting marshmallows over an open fire.  

You’ll enjoy a powerful reconnection with the natural world – and get that forest feeling. 

Where to go? Look for the bright blue and orange plumage of the kingfisher close to Deerpark’s mill ponds. Watch as they stay close to the water's edge, ready to dive in and catch their lunch in their long, dagger-like bills. Our Forest Rangers know just where to find them. 

At home? Build dens, collect cones. Play Pooh sticks. Create leaf fireworks. There’s hundreds of things to do in the great outdoors. Just use your imagination. 

Bathing in the forest 

Immerse yourself in the forest. Find a sense of peace. Feel rested, restored and relaxed.  

Enjoy the wonder of Forest Bathing. Let us guide you and calm your senses in a busy world. 

Simply spending time in the forest is a natural therapy. Forest Bathing takes it further and invites you to breathe deeply, learn techniques to find a meaningful connection with the forest and allows you to find a deeper sense of peace. Take a guided walk with us and take that forest feeling home with you.  

Where to go? Wildlife feels closer than ever in Cropton Forest. Stay quiet and you may just stumble across a roe deer in a forest glade. 

At home? Find a local woodland and move slowly through it, noticing your natural surroundings. Take deep breaths and smell what’s around you. Sit quietly and mindfully. Absorb the colours of nature and allow them to calm you. 

Guest Forest Bathing at Forest Holidays, Blackwood Forest in Hampshire

Feel rested, restored and relaxed.

Dining on the decking 

Supper outside. A squirrel looking on. Glorious forest views. An evening well spent.  

A glass of fizz over supper is even better with the backdrop of the forest, we promise. Kick back, relax and unwind in the great outdoors before cooking up a storm on the BBQ. The sizzle of steak, the smoky aromas, and the eye-catching colours of a crunchy salad is the ultimate recipe for an evening on the decking.  

Where to go? Sitting on the decking at Argyll, with views of the stunning snow capped mountains, you might just spot an eagle flying above. Just perfect. 

At home? Dine outside. Light a candle and enjoy the simple joy of fresh air over supper. Watch as nature comes to life as the sun goes down. Sunsets shouldn’t be missed, they’re a way for us to reset each day. 

Evenings under the starry sky 

Your own hot tub. Under the trees. And nothing but birdsong. Feel that Forest Feeling. 

Soaking up that night sky and simply gazing at the stars from your very own private hot tub is our favourite way to unwind. Sit in silence admiring our intriguing forest with nature all around you or enjoy endless chat with nothing to distract you. 

Where to go? Native species to Delamere Forest include the small tortoiseshell butterfly, greater spotted woodpecker, green woodpecker, white faced darter dragonfly and southern hawker dragonfly. See if you can spot them (and more!) from your hot tub as you lie back, relax and take in those forest views. 

At home? Take time to stargaze. Turn off the lights and step outside into your bubbling hot tub. Stargazing really allows your mind to open up into the huge space above. 

Hot tub at Forest Holidays

Feel that Forest Feeling.

Imagine what your next holiday could look like… 

Find nature on your doorstep in the heart of Britain’s most beautiful forests. Choose from cosy hot tub log cabins around the country and curate a staycation that suits you. Uncover cities, mountains, coastlines, countryside and see more of the UK at its most spectacular, all year round.